Hello all,
I am looking for thoughts/input on MILD performance upgrades for my Eliminator Eagle 236. Engine has 200 hours on it and runs great! I love the simplicity (pump gas & little energy put into it while out on the lake) and reliability of it, and don't want to mess with that! Boat currently has an EMI Thunder exhaust. Going to buy a new propeller for this coming season. Just kicking around ideas for mild performance upgrades that might need to (or should) take place before prop decisions are finalized. I don't think that the sort of things that I'm considering will make a big difference with prop choice, but IDK. Honestly, I'm probably just trying to justify spending more money on my boat. ;-)

So, not looking to spend big money right now. I was considering something to the effect of:
- Computer tune?
- Air intake/pre-filter? Anything flow better than the factory setup?
-Aftermarket intake manifold?
New camshaft?
Higher ratio roller rockers?

The engine is a '99 Mercruiser 454 w/ Bravo 1. Currently turning a 22P stainless prop. Late this past summer I pulled the drive and replaced the bellows, gimbal bearing and tiller arm. It has an aftermarket drive shower, if that matters at all. I currently need (want) more prop, as the boat accelerates and planes very quickly. It will come right up to the rev limiter in a manner that tells me that it can pull more prop. Also, i'm not overly pleased with the top end with this prop. I was going to buy a new 24P but don't want to screw up and wish that I had went with a 26P and had it labbed, if needed, to optimize RPM's and performance.

So, any constructive input on the subject would be greatly appreciated! I know that none of these changes will make it a monster, but sometimes there is a lot of performance hidden or obstructed by some stock parts.

I am also curious about cleaning up the bottom of the hull. I had a friend that coated the bottom of his sailboat with some graphite bottom paint and it dramatically improved his top speed. I wanted to look to make some small improvements that will clean up the hull to reduce drag and find some performance that way. Perhaps just a good polishing & little things like removing the speedo pickup pitot (I am going to a GPS speedo) can also help.

Anyhow, thanks for reading! And thank you for any input!

Nik C.