I have a 1997 Chaparral 2130SS bowrider that I bought from the original owner last summer with about 1000 hours on the 350 Mag and Bravo III. I had it checked over thoroughly by a good mechanic who, by coincidence, recognized the boat when he saw it and confirmed that it had been serviced regularly at the dealer where he used to work.

Anyway, when getting off the lake the other night I forgot to trim the engine up to trailer position before pulling it out (I know, very stupid, but it was dark and very late and there was a long queue of impatient boaters waiting to use the single launch lane after a fireworks show ended so I guess I we were just rushing too much). I was still in the boat when my buddy started to pull it out and as soon as I heard the outdrive drag I hollered to him to stop and then trimmed it up. When I checked things out out afterward I didn't notice any obvious damage - it just dragged on the skeg which was already missing a couple good chunks in front from the previous owner.

However I did happen to notice that there is noise that I can hear and also feel in my hand when turning the the props by hand in neutral. I'm not sure how to describe the sound / feel other than that is it is very consistent and regular as I turn the prop, so I'm hoping its just normal sound of the gears meshing, but I could also imagine that if a bearing was going it may sound like this. Honestly, it could have been this way since I got it and I just never noticed, but now I'm concerned that the trailering mishap could have somehow damaged it.

I did also hit a rock pretty good with the props last august, but I must have put 10-15 hours on it since then without any issue I've noticed. I haven't had it back in the water since the trailering incident, but I ran it in my driveway and couldn't hear any unusual sounds while running it. I did also pull the gear oil drain plug and checked for bits on the magnet and recovered several flat chips the largest of which was maybe half the height of the "L" in "LIBERTY" on a dime.

I'm not sure when I am going to be able to have it looked at by a mechanic, so I am just wondering if anyone can tell me what is "normal" / typical in terms of audible noise and "feel" when turning these props manually and whether there is any plausible way that the trailering mishap could have caused an internal issue.