For this upcoming Fathers day I thought it would be nice to have a friendly recognition of the amazing machines that are built and RAN.....not just like any car show full of trailer queens. So ive put together a couple of trophies. nothing fancy, just for fun. I figure as you are all walking around, pick out your favorites. There wil be a trophy for best JET, V-DRIVE, and OUTBOARD/STERNDRIVE. This will be a dads choice. I will have a stack of ballots. Just put in the name or race# or....some way that i can count up the winners without too much trouble. REMEMBER THIS IS FOR FUN. so please done do multiple entries, 1 per dad etc. I will count them up sunday about lunch time and dish out the awards at 2pm. ........I will be there friday night south shore, around site 13-15. you will see the 3 trophies and ballot box on a table. please come by and participate and spread the word. I will have my black and grey Bahner mini-day out. -Jack