Delamination issues on my Mandella
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Delamination issues on my Mandella

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    Default Delamination issues on my Mandella

    Sorry for the dual post... I want to put this here as well as the V-Drive Forum to make sure I'm getting my ideas in front of folks. As stated in the other thread I will blow the boat apart for a full resto in the future but I've got too many things in front of that right now. I need to enjoy but preserve this boat for the next 3 years or so before I go DEEP into the Gucci Process.

    As I started to navigate the interior a bit more I noticed what seemed to be a little flexing in the floor area. Sure enough the inside glass layer is delaminating from the wood core in several places. Neat! I took the boat down to a place in Petaluma for another look by Jim Anderson at Ace Marine on Wednesday and he pointed out several regions that were delaminating as well as the sides of the stringers up in the driver/passenger area. Overall the boat is really solid and all my tapping with a screw driver underneath reveals a solid hull and no delam from the core down below. The damage zone is all up top from what I can see and it's about 8~10" off of both the transom and the foot board. I'm not real worried about this as I would like to redo the inside of the boat at some point and that would include redoing the stringers and floor but that's a major job for a latter date. For now I need 2~3 years of fun out of the boat without too much issue.

    My rough plan after researching a few things would be the following:

    1. Make a grid, (1"x1") on the floor areas that are effected and carefully drill them thru the glass and slightly into the core wood.

    2. Do all of the drilling and then leave the boat for a few weeks do allow air movement and or any drying to take place in these zones.

    3. Use the West Systems "six 10" epoxy and fill each drilled hole. I would only work 1 zone at a time, like drivers foot area, then passenger foot area, etc.

    4. Place a few weights on the glued zone and press the interior glass back down onto the core. Clean up anything that squirts back up thru the holes, etc...

    On the stringers it really only looks like one side is effected in a small zone so I would try to drill and fill with the same product. I think I can get clamps and a backer material on there to squeeze things tight while the epoxy sets up.

    After this is done I would go back with a dremel tool or similar and v-out along the bottom side edge of the stringers. Not too big but enough to lay in a bead of the six10 and seal up this edge.

    The boat spent it's entire life in Georgetown CA. up by Placerville and went thru many a cold winter. I can only imagine that it would take a few temp cycles with a touch of water trapped in there to pop these areas loose. The boat also had integrated gas tanks beneath the seats and Jim remarked that these caused a bunch of issues over the years if the gas ever leaked and entered the core zone of the boat. The boat has killer aluminum tanks now that fit into these zones but those are only a year or two old....

    My hopes would be that this locks shit back down and puts the boat on hold for the allotted amount of time until I'm ready to tear into it and do the grand job. I'm not planning to pound on the boat nor drive around like a Mad Man so It would be safe to say that this boat will never see another "Hard Day" in it's life.

    Any thoughts?

    ~Robert M.

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    I have no confidence in your plan ,sorry

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