hey guys, i have a GM tall deck with a 4.375 bore and a crower billet 4.25" crank, 6.565 long manley steel h beam rods,JE 10.25 fordged open chamber pistons,moly rings, cloyes true roller chain, melling pump, isky 650" roller cam and lifters with manley push rods,fluid dampner, block was sonic tested by baker machine in anaheim, then bored and line honed and squared, all guts balanced, motor has 20 minutes of brake in time, then it sat and got a little corrosion marks in the bores, but I believe you can just lightly hone and clean and rerun the parts, I've got over 6k in the motor,I'm keeping the heads for another motor, it comes with a victor tall deck intake with a holley 1050 dom.carb, also comes with a rear sump milodon stroker steel pan ....I'm thinking 4500 for the whole thing....714 883 6171..thanks,cameron.