After propelling my boat to over 114 miles per hour, we pulled this engine to freshen it up. In the interim we sold the boat which leaves me with this incredible engine to sell. It is based off a big block chevy tall deck so if your boat has a big block Chevy, this will bolt right in.

The shop that built the engine and where it currently sits is Stinger Racing Engines. Photos and video of the engine here on his website. Pictures & Videos
There are several configurations to consider. One carburetor, two carburetors or as it’s current set up with a blower. The engine was designed to crank out tons of reliable power on 91-93 octane fuel, the kind found on gas docks. It is set up with 9:1 compression and 6 lbs of boost. If you really want to go fast, different pulleys on the blower and the skies the limit. My direction to the builder was RELIABILLITY, RELIABILLITY. I have always liked my toys fast but hate working on them. Parts list below.
Open to interesting trades or cash. Asking $16,000 which is half price of a new one. Give me a call and let me know what you have. Warren Greenlee 704-576-4800

World Block .400 tall
Callies Crankshaft 4.5 stroke
Oliver Connecting rods 6.535
JE Pistons with coated piston skirts and tops
Total Seal Rings
Titan billet Oil Pump
Jeff Johnson Billet specialty Oil Pan
Brodix BB2X Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Bullet Custom Cam 50 mm roller cam bearings
Jesel Belt drive
Jesel lifters
Manton Push rods
Jesel shaft rockers the expensive ones
BDS 871 blower Plate for Dominators
Engine is completely finished and sitting at the engine builders shop, ready to go.
Compression Ration 9:1