I'm once again pursing converting my Supra inboard to a v drive sleeper. I've got a Kodiak Marine 460 with the heads pulled off, alum center riser manifolds that I'd like to offer in trade for a v drive, driveline etc. Casale top loader would be fine. Located in Chico, 100 miles north of Sacto. Block D9TE-AB, heads E6TE. Please PM me if interested.

Here is what Paul Kline/LakesOnly?HighflowDynamics had to say about the Kodiak,

Your Kodiak 460 should be one of the more desirable Marine 460 offered. If that's the case, then your engine should have come from the factory with forged flat-top pistons, fully-grooved main bearings, "special" marine valve springs/cups/retainers, a D0OE-6425-C Super Cobra Jet intake manifold, an SCJ 216*/220* duration camshaft, and a few other goodies. Without disassembling the engine, you should be able to confirm the SCJ intake by locating the number atop the manifold just behind the carburetor mounting pad. This engine should also have D6VE-AA truck rods (a la CJ rods).

If you have the factory forged flat-top pistons (made by TRW) then hopefully you will be able to get away with a light cylinder hone and rings because those pistons have not been made for about 20 years. But if they are in good shape there is no reason not to use them. They are a very rugged piston for your application. Factory compression ratio is a real-world 9:1 with the OEM heads that are D3VEs or E6TEs (<----essentially D3VEs with hard seats).

Even though you intend to keep rpm around 3000 rpm, I recommend against the standard 1/2-groove main bearings usually found in the passenger car engines and you stick with the fully-grooved main bearings. They will provide your rod bearings with continuous oil feed to the rods in your marine application (3/4-groove bearigs at least).

Your best bet would be a ring & bearing job, deck the cylinder block to 10.300", bowl blend the intake and exhaust bowls, radius the short turn on
the exhaust port floor-to-bowl, new stainless intake and exhaust valves and a nice valve job. (no need to go further on the port work in your application.) and make sure the hydraulic lifters are returned to their EXACT same lifter bores. Or install new ones and break in he cam all over again.