I'm puttin my money where my mouth is. I need a flat top piston 4 bolt 350 with 1.94 heads. I need Bassets, V- DRive pan, cam drive water pump and roller rockers. I have BBC Bassets in decent shape to trade. I have a fresh 454 4 bolt stock short block with new rings and bearings Cast pistons. I have a lot of Mercruiser parts, oil coolers, remote oil filter setups, Mark IV ignitions complete V-8s (2), stock rebuildable four bolt short block, Mercruiser aluminum pans (2), rebuilt oval port heads, good used set of ovals with two tuliped intakes and other miscellaneous parts. I will price them and post pictures later. I will trade for the small block stuff. I'm in Havasu now. Don't want to be a Shore Warrior. SIC