Supercharger setup with Super Chiller inner cooler for Merc Cruiser 575 horsepower Holley!!

Here is a list of parts that are included:
1 - blower intake
1 - super chiller
1 - supercharger
2 - throttle bodies
1 - air cleaner
1 - thermostat housing
1 - water pumps with billet pulley
1 - crank billet pulley
1 - idler brackets for accessory belt (no pulley's)
1 - fuel pumps and Merc filter setup
2 - intake brackets
1 - painted blue bracket (not sure were they go could be throttle cable brackets)
1 - drive belts for supercharger
1 - accessory belt
and all hoses that were changed to put Whipple's on
(Sorry, the Cylinder Heads Pictured are NOT included!! I have No Cylinder Heads!)

I can also send a picture of everything included!

This setup came out of a Fountain! The parts are like Brand New! The boat had very few hours on it.

Selling Price: $2,250.00 with out cylinder heads.
Seller Location: Washington State
Please email inquires to [email protected] or call 509-467-7584