set of 7/16 bolt dimple rods w/7 good standard 502 pistons(gm/JE)

complete hyd. roller valvetrain-stock 450hp/502(cam,lifters,spider,dogbones,pushrods,rockers,e tc.GEN6)

1-088 Rect. port head, 2.19/1.88 118cc

1-781 large ovalport head, throated for 2.19/1.88's, new bronze guides,
chamber unschrouded around ex. valve,

2-OEM dampners, 1-gen 6 502- 1-mk4 454

lots of sets of GOOD pushrods .080 wall, 1 pc- let me know what lengths
your looking for ... 8.150's to 9.350's all either CROWER OR MANLEY