I dont really want to sell it but my baby comes before my parts

Mark 4 block- 4 bolt mains,deburrd, extra head bolt holes welded in the lifter valley, line bored, steel o-ringed, zero decked, bored 0.060 over,wet block

Gm Steel crank(4" stroke) thats been nitrated,cross drilled, double keywayed and knife cut

Bill miller aluminum rods with 7/16 cap screws

Ross Custom forged 13.5-1 compression ratio gas ported pistons 0.060 over bore

Clevite "H" series race bearings

Arp main stids

Internally balanced

All freeze plugs are installed and the outside of the block is deburrd. This motor made 890hp with a set of dart 355's,jesel belt,jesel rockers,etc.

This motor will produce 700-800hp all day long and will spin 8k and stay together.

The motor has been sitting in my garage without any water in it. All you need to do is disassemble,clean all the part(light dust) and put back together. This motor came out of Neil's(SDPM) old race boat. He built the motor and it hauled azz.

I would like to get $1800 for it. Ill even throw in the custom lunati solid roller cam and lunati solid roller lifters for it. The specs are....
295 @.050 in/285 @ 0.050ex
110 lobe
.747 lift
Oh, and Ill throw in a set of headbolts/studs for it(ARP)

My loss YOUR gain!!!! I hate to do it but my family comes first. Bill Miller lumi rods are around $1200-1600 per set. Not to mention the CUSTOM Ross gas ported pistons. You guys know how much these parts run. Everything in this shortblock is very nice! Please pm me with any questions. Serious buyers only please. THanks,Mike