I bought this running gear for a bare hull last year and the hull sold before I could pick it up. Haven't found another that this motor could push. So I bought a different boat complete.
Motor drive was pulled for a repower 496 mag ho and bravo 1x
Hour meter showed 113 on the boat when pulled.
Motor fired right up and ran great, then it was pulled out.
Haven't run a scan tool on it to verify hours but boat looked true to 113 so potentially slightly less on motor as hour meter was key on.
Included in sale- complete motor- manifolds, water pump, alternator, p/s pump, belt still on it, bellhousing, starter, fuel pump/cool fuel, bravo transom assembly, bravo drive, hydraulic cylinders, exhaust elbows and y-pipes(was running thru hub exhaust), everything to drop in, plug in merc harness plug, and go.
The bad- drive skeg not perfect, assuming it hit and broke a piece off the bottom tip, then was radius cut. Can be repaired as I was going to have it done when rigged into new boat.
Bravo drive is swept back new style 1.5-1 ratio
Would like to get $7500 back out of it but best offer takes it.