Speed Check ?


Could it be any hotter? This time of year it’s tough to go boating anywhere except where you have a chance to take a little dip. This Saturday we decide to head over to the Harris chains to take our girl to her favorite eating spot Crazy Gators. Our girl Bree is special needs and finding family activities that we all can do and enjoy can be challenging she’s a thrill seeker so fast bumpy rides along the lake make her a happy girl. There’s no swimming in this lake for us it’s not prohibited but dark cloudy water and the wildlife we’ve experienced have made it a no swim zone for us. Even though it’s hot it’s still fun to ride along the lake, lunch and ride some more. When you’re riding along it’s not so hot.

We are family boaters but our boat is fast and loud. A little speed may not be considered “family boating” but going fast is okay as long as you practice safe boating. We are always aware of traffic on the lake, carry the right equipment, we follow lake speed limits and boat sober.

When we entered Lake Eustis the hubby clears the no wake and put down the throttle. Our boat is a little loud and quick out of the hole and it did not go unnoticed. A center console boat made a quick U-turn and began to follow although he couldn’t quite keep up. He backed off and followed us from a distance sometimes to the left then the right. It wasn’t long before we figured out he was a FWC officer. We made it across and pulled up to tie up and he came right up next to us at the slip. The gig was up! Here came the full boat inspection. He asked us if we like to go fast, we do. Going fast is not against the law unless you do it recklessly or race. We passed the safety check (of course) he even asked us to stop showing our safety equipment as we were doubled up. We had a nice talk and told him about our blog.

Lunch was good and then we carried on with more riding on the lake. How different the day would have been if we didn’t have all our safety equipment or had to take a Breathalyzer test in front of our kids. We don’t judge other boaters but when boating with the family take the utmost care. We want our kids to have sweet memories of our family boating adventures. If you drink have a sober driver.

The name of our boat is “Speedoman” and the officer saw that and mentioned that first thing, “So you like to go fast?” We replied, “Yes we do”, (and I pointed to the hubby who wears a Speedo) and he said, “oh yeah there’s that too.” Speed boating is not against the law or tubing or bass fishing or pontoon boating it’s ALL good when done right. Whether you boat fast, slow or with a paddle we hope your next adventure in boating is safe and enjoyable.

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