Bargains for Boaters 2/29/2016

Bargains for Boaters
Feb 26 at 7:51 PM
The weekend is here hurray! The weather is still a bit chilly here in the sunshine state but the promise of warmth is coming soon. This weekend we're taking time to connect as a family and have a mini away day scouting out some new waterways to explore with our beloved Wellcraft. This time of year we re-evaluate our boating equipment as we get ready to start the spring boating season.
We are frequent shoppers of our local Sam's Club as we love to stock up and who doesn't love a pizza combo lunch. As we strolled around we saw some great deals on boating supplies and thought we'd share; we saw thick large beach towels under $12 dollars, life jackets in the $20-$30 range we've bought these jackets and they've last three years we're upgrading this year, beach umbrella that's light and portable to store away only $19.99 great to pop up shade when needed, bathing suits and coolers galore.
So if you're in search of any of these items you may want to pop by Sam's and fill up the cart. Once we hit the first warm stretch they'll go fast get it while you can.
In just two weeks, March 13th, daylight savings time takes effect and longer days of sun will be here! Look for us out on our next adventure in boating we'll be under our new umbrella, wrapped in our new towels and sporting our new life jackets.
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