I'm Gonna Say It Like It or Not... 6/23/2016

Iíve let the hubby do a little of the blogging lately but Iím back! In fact Iíve been a bit stirred up about recent news events in our hometown of Orlando. There have been significant heartbreaking events and weíve all had to do some regrouping of our hearts and minds to get through it. We pray for all the families impacted by the shootings and the little life lost in the lagoon while vacationing.
It is the little boy who I really struggled with to understand. All lives are valuable every person but the little one who had spent a short time on this EarthÖI found myself weeping for this mother and praying her baby be found. The ordeal these parents witnessed and endured was unspeakable and as time rolled on I prayed diligently that if he not be found alive Lord please let him be found whole so his mother could lay him to rest with just a crumb of peace. I thank God she got him back and pray it gave them some kind of comfort.
Living here growing up around lakes ponds and the ocean we learn important safety measures around the water. Parents take their children to swim lessons often before they walk to safe guard their little ones. I myself teach swim lessons daily helping them swim and float their way to the edge of the pool.
We know there is the potential for alligators in every body of water no matter how small but not just the water but the surrounding area. Alligators feed at dawn and dusk so the waterís edge and certainly the water is not the place to be. Feeding alligators is a huge no-no and many areas post signs and violators can be fined up to $200 for breaking this ordinance. For heavenís sake if you live along the lakes and waterways donít feed the alligators. After this tragedy I think signs should be posted at every waterís edge to remind locals and inform visitors.
Now we come to boating and respecting the wildlife in our lakes I can tell you there are MANY alligators in our lakes and we do not swim in many because of the low visibility in the water and the sheer number we see boating almost every time we go out on our lakes and rivers. When the day gets late and the sun begins to set you can see the gators come out along the St. Johns River you could almost walk on their backs. So I say enjoy your day be aware and when the evening starts to approach call it a day. By 5p.m. we are out and on the drive home. Often we see folks swimming in very weeded areas along grassy areas on lakes and I can tell you itís not safe. I have shuttered at families swimming and splashing around areas we know gators hang around, swimming in the Dora canal where weíve see water moccasins swimming three wide and huge gators.
So what to do? Never put a toe in? Iím not saying that but be smart and aware and I will never just motor on by and mind my own business assuming these people know the risk I will speak up. If they donít like it or give me an unkind word Iíll be ok with that at least Iíll know I spoke up and maybe made a person safer in the water.
So if youíre out on your next adventure in boating and loud Wellcraft comes idling over with a cute red head kid and a lady says, ďHey do you all boat here much? Followed with, ďyou know this area has a lot of snakes and gators so you might not want to swim hereĒ know that I have your best interest at heart and if you wanna tell me to shut up Iíll be ok with that too. Happy safe boating to all.

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