Hello all,
I live in Flagstaff, AZ, where only a dentist can buy nitrous oxide (just Praxair/Air Gas policy), apparently because of some nitrous plant in FL exploding!?? Anyhow, I'll be in Kingman for the next few days attending a training/conference. I was hoping to drag my brand new 10 lb. NX bottle out there with me to try to get it filled. Want to hopefully find a place where I can get a 250 cu. ft. mother bottle filled in the future, as well. It's extremely cost prohibitive to drive 2+ hours each time I need a 10 lb. bottle filled. Anyway, didn't mean to open up a discussion about nitrous, or filling of mother bottles. Just curious if there are any shops in the area that I can get a 10 lb. and/or a 250 cu. ft. bottle filled in the future. Hoping to get the 10 lb. bottle filled this evening-Thursday.

Thanks a bunch!