Has anybody had to deal with the joke of Sony's warranty? I had a big screen die before the time was up and for the last 2 months+ , I've heard nothing but excuses and delays. I've submitted photos 3 times, supply them with a CC# 3 times supposedly to make sure I return the junk tv, spent countless hours on the phone , and within hours of the phone call I get an email that contradicts everything the person on the phone told me. Today was the best, everything previously said I was to get a recertified tv with a 2 years warranty, today I'm to get a new tv with a 90 day warranty. Made no sense to me so I asked, the answer was the 2 year warranty on the re-certified was so the customer could have peace of mind. Sony's products have taken a dive and the only thing worse is the customer service. If anyone has a solution other than calling the supplied customer service number I'd be pleased to hear it.