Seems a Special Council was OK to investigate the Bush admin for leaks, but Owebama on the other hand, no, we don't need one. Even the Democrats have concerns over the leaks, but don't think they have anything to do with Owebama's reelection campaign.

"This is like an avalanche of leaks. It's very detrimental. And candidly, I found it very concerning," said Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry said the leaks about drone attacks and other operations "are frankly all against national security interest. I think they are dangerous, damaging, and whoever is doing that is not acting in the interest of the United States of America."

The White House had no immediate comment.
U.S. Republican senators want special counsel to probe leaks - Yahoo! News

Don't worry, I bet Holder will cover up... er uh, investigate things properly.