I got promoted - Mental sewage from a single citizen
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I got promoted - Mental sewage from a single citizen

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    Default I got promoted - Mental sewage from a single citizen

    Since I start working at a particular company, my salary has grown by ~10% (disregarding the promotion) in 2.5 years, but due to the current economy and the devaluation of the dollar it felt like when I started I made more than a few days ago. With the increase in health care cost, my take home pay actually slopes downward when I graph it with the scope from my start date to my last check at this particular company. Coupled by inflation and increase prices for goods and services. This has continually been more and more "crap" as each new month arrives.

    Now I got a significant bump (over 10%), but I feel like the decisions the government is making, the relief will be short lived. Especially with an eternal stimulus (if President Obama remains in office).

    I guess time will tell, but I'm looking forward to the next 9 months. (Resigning up for Benefits, price changes, happens July 1). The time after that point, I just see the same old crap.

    Every time Romney sends me a spam e-mail, I respond with a simple question.

    "What are you going to do with the federal reserve?", of course I never get a response so I never ever donate because I've never heard Romney mention anything about it.

    Like I said before, I still think Romney is just delaying the next ism, I hope I'm wrong.

    I make a decent living (90th+ percentile - filling status single), I can live more luxurious than I am now but I'm trying to secure my future by paying down debt. So far I've saved over $32,000 in future interest by paying down loans early and I will continue to do so. Sometimes I wonder if I'm retarded for doing this, if the dollar is going to crash then I'm just pissing away money that could be used for some good times.

    I hope Romney wins, and he actually does more than what he is campaigning on. Otherwise, I feel we are doomed.

    I imagine most are in my boat without the relief or worse, I just don't understand how the President is doing so well in polls (although they are archaic and only sample people with land lines). Especially with getting nearly anything he wanted in the first two years and none of it working.
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    Congrats on your promotion. I doubt you'll hear anything significant in regards to the fed one way or the other. While it is important to many of us, it doesn't even matter if we don't get people back to work, off the system and a budget that doesn't include deficit spending, imo.

    The can has been kicked down the road for some time. Half the population is living for today and what the government can do for them, not the other way around.

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    NORMALLY, I would tell you that paying down debt is the right thing to do. But then, if the fed keeps printing money as fast as the ink dries, you could get to pay back the debt with near useless money. Don't count on it though. Too many countries like Saudi, Germany and China that have way too many U.S. D. to let it tank.
    If the money become too funny, you'll bigger concerns that if you should have blown more money when you had it.
    You're right though. If the U.S.D. goes in the Argentina shitter, we'll all wish we had partied like it was 1999.

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