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Explain to me how President Zero claims to have created 5 million jobs. I know he lied like hell but, me and Google can't quite figure this out...

Also,how many job would the Keystone Pipeline have created??? Fucking Obama said to night he has built pipeline that would go around the world!! Really! Then, why didn't the ass hole OK the Keystone Pipeline???

I ask questions here becasue you sum bitches seem smarter then me......
Ha, our leftist friends had a very useful chart up a while ago explaining this.
First, the Prez doesn't create jobs, people do. Romney is more careful with that distinction.

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Its pretty simple math. 5 million people were hired while he has been POTUS. Makes no differece that 15 million more people than jobs have come about during that time. Makes no difference that you need to create 15 million jobs in 4 years just to remain even. All that matters is, 5 million people were hired. Even if they had lost their job 9 months before, their HE and HE alone created a job for that person.

For any rationally intelligently person to claim 5 million jobs created, it needs to be 5 million NEW jobs that didn't exist before that person was in office.

With more people on unemployment, or out of a job than when he took office, that is an totally ignorant thing to say. BUT, like I said on another thread, people like CVX, ram, and R&J probably jumped up and applauded the lie. Sheep eat that shit up. Its the Koolaid that supplies their zombie life blood.

did the bastard reallyu say "I called Ben-Gay-Zee a terriorist attack from the beginnning. Did that fat ass cow back him up? Are there really people in this country stupid enough to buy that crap.

Never mind, just realized I know a few on these boards that lapped that bullshit up.
Yes. He "created" 5 million. We needed 3-4x that.
Funny how that mod had that transcript handy like that.