Since I have been asked a couple of times, "What can we do?". Here is a collective list that some friends and I came up with. First, If you can't beat them, join them. Oh I don't mean run out and get a labodomy and join the Dims, it might not hurt to have a few join to keep an eye on them, but what I mean is we need to take thier game back to them in 2 yrs. We need to start grooming our candidates now for the 2014 elections. And it has to start with selection. We need candidates that while they have our values, can set some of those values aside long enough to finish the campaign. Mit had Zero on the ropes and bloodied in the first debate. By the second debate he backed off and let him breath. By the third debate, Zero had rebounded, found a way to cheat, and was back up and fighting. Our candidate has to stay in the fight the entire fight. If he connects with a jab or a hook and stagers his opponent, he has to be willing to keep punching until the knock out. Mit was too nice and didn't finish the fight.

So now that we are working on selecting our candidate, remember no names will be leaked out until right before the election as its hard to gather mud if you don't know who you are gathering on, we need to start their game. I don't care what it is, its the Left's fault. If your neighbor's tree blows down, its the Left's fualt; those silly wind farms they are pushing for green energy are messing with the wind flows and causing these stronger than normal winds. That's why your tree fell down. Don't offer a way to fix it, just blame the Left. If someone bounces a check, blame the Left. I thought the Left was going to protect the middle class from these unnecisary bounced check charges. The only people that profit from them are the fat cat bankers that support the Left. That's why Zero bailed out all those banks after the first election. The banks have him in their pocket. And remember, don't offer proof, just rhetoric. If someone tries to defend the left and points out that our arguments are not factual, go on a personal attack. Label them with whatever leaves the worst taste in the mouths of those around you at the time. Use generic titles such as entitlest, one of the Elietest who lies to the lower class to sucker them in, things like that. We can discuss things logically and rationally when we are not around impressionable sheeple.

More importantly than learning to play their game, we need to make sure our people are organized and ready to be mobilized. We have different groups to mobilize for different events. If the Left tries a free giveaway, we need to help them out. We need to send people to participate to the point they won't be prepared to deal with them all. Like what happened with cash for clunkers, only when they run out, we need to send in the next group to make a scene and cry about how they are not being taken care of fairly. If our people really don't want the hand out, they can always donate it back to a legitimate charity later. But we have to overload the freebe system and make it an administrave nightmare for them to manage the program. They will have added the extra resources to that program eventually anyway, we are just helping to accellerate it and make it more apparent to the people who can't see it now. And if we can generate uncomfortable situations for them to deal with, unlike the right that tries to deal with the situations thourgh legal and polite channels, we can make the Left show their true colors. The name calling and the personal attacks will probably escalate to physical assults and the Left breaking the law to get what they want, but we need to show the people that this is the true Left agenda.

And if we practice mobilizing our people, we need to start our people voting at the earliest oppertunity for the next election. Remember it is still one vote per person, we don't want to become the Left. And once we are back in, we can reign in some of the stupid give away stuff that causes all those problems. We can also identify the true instigators as we will have had people working those crowds for the last two years.

I do caution that we need to pick the people carefully to help in these efforts. We don't want to send a weak person that might become tainted by the free stuff the left will throw at them. This is a job and duty, we don't want our people to forget that they are the ones paying for all the stuff they are getting, so we need to have meetings to help keep them centered and to reward the efforts they are putting in.

There were some other ideas discussed, but we don't really trust big brother to not be sifting and filtering all internet traffic looking for key words so we'll save those thoughts for ourselves for now.

Happy hunting