Cut and pasted from another site. Seems spot on.

As far as the democatic party goes, I understand that they want the upper class/rich to be more accountable and to contribute more to get us out of this mess, all the while continuing to provide assistance where needed to keep a safety net in place for people in need. I know its what you want. I know it sounds like the right thing to do. I know that een in theory it can work. But I predict you will not get it. It can work only in theory. You will actually get the opposite, and I just wanted to explain why I feel this way.

Im tired of hearing the word fair. Business is business. It is not charity. It does not have to be fair if it does not want to. Expecting business to act like charity and be fair is flawed thinking when it is neither of those things to begin with. Nobody can make it be fair.

labor outside of the united states is cheaper. That is incentive to leave the united states and have your goods produced elsewhere.
doesnt matter what is fair. This is what business has done for years. Outsource.

If you want them to stay, you must give them incentive to stay.
It HAS to be financially lucrative to stay. Workers may depend on the jobs.....but wall street, owners, the board of directors, and share holders(that can pull their money out at any time and drop a business to its knees) depend on the business to be lucrative. There are workers all over the world. There are NOT shareholders that invest in poor companies all over the world. Who do you think takes pecedence? You, as a worker, are replacable. If your business fails, the share holders are not replaceable. the worker will not take precedence as long as they can be easily replaced elsewhere. It has to be convenient and profitable for them to employ you and satisfy shareholders at the same time.

If you do not create this kind of environment, there is nothing to prevent business from exerting its own free will and going elsewhere, just the same as you taking another job that pays better for doing the same work. They are not a charity. Neither are you.

Tax breaks on imported goods is another incentive to take your business overseas.

Higher taxes here on services in the united states is another incentive to leave.

They are leaving in droves as is, without too much help. Your administration keeps giving them more incentive to go.

It does not matter that it is not fair. When you offer zero incentive to stay, and a bunch of incentive to leave, and plan to further compound that with even more taxes....they WILL continue to leave.

Its not fair but it is reality. Deal with it. Most importantly quit pretending that it will somehow work in the opposite manner and bring them back to the united states.

If things continue on the path they are on, I forsee no growth and an even smaller work force in the future and I dont see a way around it unless somehow, some way, somebody convinces business to shirk their responsibility to everybody besides the worker.