Jobless Aid, the new unemployement
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Jobless Aid, the new unemployement

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    Default Jobless Aid, the new unemployement

    Unemployment must not be making the liberals feel very good. They are now calling it "Jobless Aid" I suppose the name liberal has a certain offensive stink about it so liberals call themselves Progressives. Shit by any name is shit. It smells and looks repugnant no matter what you call it. Unemployment means no job, no paycheck. When Progressives simply rename problems instead of thoughtfully addressing them, it cast doubt on their ability to lead on anything. Does anyone remember terrorism as a "man caused disaster"?

    America is the land of equal opportunity, not equal success.
    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” .. Thomas Jefferson

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    Reminds me of this:

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    Just another example of marketing their brand of destruction to the lowest common denominator of voters. We all know the liberal party is all about "Feel Good", whether it makes any sense or is the right thing to do. Think of all the new key words Obama has added to the "Feel Good party". They don't use terms like, terrorism, it's now called violent extremism. Terrorist caught killing Americans are referred to as combatants. Taxes are called streams of revenue, class warfare and redistribution of other peoples money is called Fare, because, "It's only fare and it's the right thing to do!"

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    I guess they should also RE-label/REpackage foodstamps/WIC/welfare under the name "UNDER EMPLOYED AID"

    Thats a bad sign when they are getting afraid to call it what it REALLY is... OR is it a good sign???

    What say ye Rod/SHUE???
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2manymustangs View Post
    I guess they should also RE-label/REpackage foodstamps/WIC/welfare under the name "UNDER EMPLOYED AID"
    We did, at least in California. We now call it "Cal-fresh." and it comes on a nice standard issue visa debit card so no one knows you are on the dole. We dont want anyone to feel bad or embarrased that they get government aid.
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    Want to bet that if they started calling it "Free money for useless lazy fucks" that most of America would demand it be halted, excluding the R&J and CVXs of the country.

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