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State Of the Union Address

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodnJen View Post
    Senility is a bitch isn't it sweetie.
    Not as much as being raised by a marxist.
    socialism is for teenage druggies and pie in the sky idealist that can't relate to reality. Many of us were there at some point in our youth, then our eyes opened and we grew up. Some can deal with that. But in time Rod, reality is going to kick you weak ass. Watch for it. Like Mike said, hiostory ahs never failed when the wagon pullers finally say fuck this shit. It has NEVER worked out well for those in the wagon. Don't be so foolish to think you and the community leader have the magic plan to write a different histroy. Man kind has not changed. Revolting against oppression is what we do. And you my friend, are a user, not a producer! If you don't pay for your wrong doings, your kids will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodnJen View Post
    This is how and he didn't even win this county.

    O.C. home sales up 30% to 7-year high | year, home, january - The Orange County Register

    The industry has change alot and we all know that regulation has played a huge part of it. I use to have 3 or 4 boat manufacturers within 15 minutes of my house and many more just a short drive away. It will never be the way that it was but that doesn't mean the industry is doomed either.

    When I was a kid there were many days I could not see the foothills from my home. Now I can often see the Santa Monica Mountains. That is change for the better.

    The smog that kept you from seeing the mountains has gone and fogged your fucking brain. The rest your bum in the WH is using for a screen for his lame doings.A for instance is the bullshit gun control part of his gibberish last night.He used the school and the girl in Chicago as a "Smoke Screen" what he failed to tell was both places these crimes took place was in one of the "gun free zones" he and the likes of him created. He used the same type of smoke to blow up your ass about the times are getting better..........I am sorry but you and those that believe anything this FAKE says,is stupid

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    ^^^ Yep When are you ever going to wake up Rod? Small bus owner here, Been slow since 2009!
    You Lie!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICECREAMAN View Post
    So please expound some of your vast knowledge!!! I keep asking for you to actually show some of this supposed knowledge.

    Or, maybe you should just debate JD so you could elevate and polish your game a little.
    I'll debate you and shoeman at the same time while eating a Ice Cream Cone.

    Please educate me.

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    Guys I have the solution. Lets all jump on the freeload wagon and see how long it takes before the libs start wondering what the hell went wrong....BBD
    Need help finding this 1973 Sanger 18'6" bubble deck mahogany bottom and stringers I was living in Pomona when I sold her in 1979. Just wonder if she still exists

    Update Found my old Sanger 12/7/14 in Reno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RodnJen View Post
    Nice backpedal ICECREAMAN. Did the President kill the boating industry or did he not? The answer is NO he did not. The industry fell victim to the same things that have killed other industries, a collapsing economy. The boating industry got hit epecially hard because our favorite passtime is a luxury. We have all covered on countless occassions how many of these boats/houses/rigs were paid for with equity or other forms of fleeting capital.

    Is the govt bigger, yes is some cases. Here is a link that gives a pretty fair shake.

    I certainly wish Mr. Leach the best. RD posted a nice article featuring Eliminator at the LA Boat Show.

    Did Obama really make government bigger? - Jan. 25, 2012

    Back pedal????? Oh hell no! I'll flat foot this debate. "Did Obama kill the boating industry?", I guess it would depend on who you ask. If you once owned a boat shop, sold boats, rigged boats, shot gel coat, or sold accessories and no longer do because of the economic collapse, you could make a strong case as to which party played the major roll in causing this calamity.
    So how big is the LA boat show now in comparison to 2007? Maybe that will tell you how well the industry is doing in spite of Obama. Maybe PM Rex and get his opinion on the state of the boating industry.

    As far as my conversation with Bob went, he also laid a fair amount of blame on the state of Ca, as well as the federal government. Cost of doing business was one of his big concerns. Price of resin and fiberglass had gone up drastically due to EPA regulations. Energy costs, employee costs, and virtually no buyers was a big concern. I give him a huge amount of credit for still being in business. His experience is the type of experience our current President is lacking, and worse yet, Obama has no respect for those who have it. This is a big point when I bag Shue and the rest of you guy's for supporting Obama. Go ask Bob Leach how well he thinks the economy is doing or how Obama Care is going to affect all future business. And ask him if he thinks Obama is helping or hurting his abilities to be anywhere near the producer he has been for the last decade or two. I'd love to hear you tell him everything is roses and sunshine, he's just not smart enough to see it. Or how since he's obviously a 1%er, he should be happy to pay more in taxes because It's only fair!
    The point I continually try to make is, this doesn't have to be the new norm. If Obama wanted a robust economy and continue to have clean air and water he could have both. It's obvious he's got an agenda, he's on a mission, and he doesn't give a shit about a prosperous economy. If he did why did he dump Simpson/Bowles that was his commission.

    And you and Havasu1986 need to realize there is a world outside of OC. You guy's might think that shit hole is the end all be all, but not everyone agrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICECREAMAN View Post
    . . . And you and Havasu1986 need to realize there is a world outside of OC. You guy's might think that shit hole is the end all be all, but not everyone agrees.
    What amazes me the most is how these libs can completely ignore the impact their hero has on future generations. I know one has no children and could care less. He's said as much in a number of posts but the other, completely ignoring the damage done to future generations has to come into play - yet all they can say is "Hey, I'm still getting paid."
    The best things in life aren't things!

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