Seeing the little Johny joke made me think. We need a political humor thread. Post up cartoons and jokes and if it goes over big enough, maybe we can get the president himself to log in and say a few words.

Some Congress members were on a tour of a third would country when one of the Democrats spotted a little boy sitting in the street playing with a pile of crap. The Dem asked the boy, "What are you doing?" The little boy replied, "I'm playing politics and I'm make me a Republican." Unable to contain himself the Democrat runs back and grabs the first Republican he sees and drags him over to the little boy. "Ask him what he's doing", goaded the Democrat. The Republican responded with, "It's pretty obvious he's playing with a pile of crap." The Democrat was insistant so the Republican finally asked the boy, "hey little man, what are you doing?" The little boy again responded with, "I'm playing politics and I'm making me a Republican." As the Democrat started to bust up laughing, the Republican calmly asked the little boy, "So, why aren't you making a Democrat?" The little boy immeadiately shot back, "There's no way I could ever find that much crap!"