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    Default Fraud

    FRAUD DEFINED: ... An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right.

    ... A false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal injury.

    ... Anything calculated to deceive, whether by a single act or combination, or by suppression of truth, or suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or silence, word of mouth, or look or gesture…

    It's against the law for We-The-People to lie to Congress. But, is it against the law for El Comandante, Revolucionario Comunista, to lie to Congress and We-Tie-People?

    I SAY YES!



    ^^^The Fraud perfectly outlined
    Quote Originally Posted by Rep. Joe Wilson (R) View Post
    YOU LIE!!!!!

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    100% agree.....small problem, more than half of congress is part of the fraud......So actually obama only lied to less than half of congress. Somehow the definition left out manipulation, we the people were manipulated into letting it become law. Manipulating is worse than a lie, it indicates intent with a plan.

    Holder lied too, i don't see him prosecuting far he has gotten away with it. The only time it really matters is if you do performance enhancing drugs. Congress doesn't represent the people anymore. Unless getting re-elected is at stake they have their own 'get rich game' going on. And the game is rigged, Congress are the ones who make the rules. Term limits would go a long way towards solving the problem and while the subject comes up on a regular basis it is only done to make it look like an attempt, in reality i would be impossible to implement.

    As brilliant as the framers were they seem to have missed that point. They probably had no concept of just how big, big government could really be.

    "We the People' are being lied to every day, obama-error just happens to be the one that affects a lot of people....While impeachment sounds right it wont solve a thing as long as that law stands. That broke shit can't be fixed. Forced health care might be the thing to break the bank.

    Congress passed a law was broken before it was implemented, and will break a lot of people who don't choose to break it.

    What next, black market health insurance? You buy it from 'Big Louie" who sells it out of his basement...It's real, they pay like the policy says, it fits your needs exactly, the price is right, it's just not legal..according to government anyway.

    To hell with the 30 mil people who don't have health care, it's their problem, let them deal with it. Why should everybody else have to help them out? That's the way i see it.

    BTW i don't have health insurance, haven't since about '90. Didn't use it when i had it, haven't needed it since. I hate docs. Because i haven't had a (real ) job in almost 4 years i am not even eligible for fed health care and i doubt even medicaid...
    Somehow being a primary home health care provider for my 94 year old mother excludes me from everything....which bothers me about zip...except for that $95 tax i will owe for not having health insurance

    monday rant
    "A liberal paradise would be a place where everybody has
    guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free
    education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free
    utilities, and only law enforcement has guns. And believe it or
    not, such a place does, indeed, exist: It's called prison."

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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    Every "good deal" we have ever been sold by the government has been a bold face lie when they sold it to the American public. Every single one, and the 3 biggest in the past 100 years have all been democrat bills/laws, soundly opposed by the rebuplicans at the time.

    Federal income tax...Woodrow Wilson. We survived just fine from 1776 til 1923 without a federal income tax. AND, it was PROMISED to never exceed 6% for the highest income.

    Federal Reserve Act. Woodrow Wilson (see above) they were passed to other hand in hand Without the income tax amendment, there could be no federal reserve. The governments ability to borrow money is only limited by the governments ability to levy higher and higher taxes. Income taxes started out basically "voluntary". No employer reported your income. Their was no with holding from you pay check. SS numbers weren't for another 2o years. There were no birth certificates as we know them. The government had no real way of knowing you even existed.

    Social Security. FDR Ahhh, the NSA of the 30s. You now have a tracking number, however it was NEVER suppose to be used as that, It was strictly suppose to be an "account number" for you "social security" but quickly became your tax ID number for with holding which started shortly later. There was NEVER a fear of somebody getting ahold of your SS number. Hawaii and other states used you SS number as a Drivers License number for decades. There was no need to keep it secret, it was a near useless number. How did it ever become YOU! It was never suppose to exceed 1.5%, then the new CAP was out at 3%. Hows that working out. When they renamed it FICA, it had no limitations on it. Imagine that.

    Give these POS an inch and they will take a mile. Anybody (shue, CVX, ram, R&J, 1986) that doesn't see this as QUICKLY becoming a single payer full blown socialist health care( or lack of) system, then they are either ignorant beyond all common sense, have zero clue about American democrat(socialist/markist/communist) government, OR, they were 100% in favor of the socialist system from the start. My guess is, its the later.
    You watch. More and more low lifes in this country will push to turn ACA into a single payer, where THEY are the ones that aren't paying.

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    We pretended to work, they pretended to pay us...with shoes and sausage, and then it collapsed.

    Annoymous Russian Citizen Feb, 1990.
    51% of Democrats dont know the earth revolves around the sun and 49% think that Astrology is scientific. (National Science Foundation and National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago 2014).

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