This was written by Robert Knight at OneNewsNow.con Thew are the qualifications Obama is surely looking for.
"Wanted: Nominee for U.S. attorney general. Must have thick skin in case Congress finds in contempt; adept at using redacted version of Constitution regarding separation of powers; proficient at forgetting oath to uphold laws; must regard terrorist suspects as no more than criminal suspects; must view illegal aliens as undocumented U.S. citizens; must view world through racially tinted glasses; must be able, with straight face, to compare common-sense election safeguards like voter photo ID laws to racist Jim Crow-era abominations; must subordinate all other civil rights to 'gay rights'; must ignore Internal Revenue Service's criminal targeting of conservative groups and leaking confidential tax returns; must ignore IRS' rewriting of ObamaCare subsidies, and believe agency's claim of inability to recover 'lost' emails of key personnel such as Lois Lerner; must be able to harass reporters and whistleblowers without ticking off ACLU too much."