A friend called yesterday to inform me her niece and nephew lost their puppy dog due to ingesting rat poison.
Since this is their first home I asked where the dog found it....in the garage on a shelf was the answer.
I told her to go thru the whole house and "babyproof" it in case they get another one.
This was not the dog's fault but the owners fault 100%

It started me thinking how different the parental guidance has changed in my last 40 years. I remember that parents took the time to teach a guide children but now watching the interaction between parents and children at public places I don't see it...the kids just do what they want. I wonder how much guidance the kid in Chicago had when he strolled behind a line of police cars shuckin and jiving with a blade in his hand.

Call me old fashion but I sure do appreciate my parents more and more for teaching me to have respect for others.