Screw the poor as much as possible!
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Screw the poor as much as possible!

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    Default Screw the poor as much as possible!

    So the "president" unilaterally took away subsidies for medium-poor(Mainly retirees) in health care.....We will have great health-care>>>>>for the ultra-rich! Hopefully he can pass a law that makes it so the rich get ALL the benefits while paying NOTHING.........America, land of the ultra-rich...anyone else, GTFO!

    He is also getting us completely isolated from ANY of our allies....Just as Putin, his owner, wants....You guys GOTTA be PROUD! And how about eliminating the First amendment? Sounds good to the Ultra-"Right".........Just follow Putin's pal Rupert at FAUX "News"........He'll tell you how to vote, who to vote for, and how great everything is (For Putin and russia)......

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    I received this from Covered California today, since I'm on it. It explains in more detail what a lot of people seem to falsely getting all upset about. I would assume most states are similar although I have not researched that. No spin, just fact as it came in the email.


    We know there is confusion about last night’s decision by the federal government to stop select reimbursements to insurance companies. These reimbursements support subsidies for lower-income consumers known as Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments.

    Despite this action, Covered California members will not see any change in their health costs for the remainder of 2017 and the rates and out-of-pocket costs published by Covered California for 2018 will not be affected.

    How can stopping the funding for CSR payments not affect insurance prices? It’s because this cut to one subsidy will trigger an automatic increase in other kinds of financial support.

    The CSR payments to health insurance companies the federal government is eliminating are designed to help with out-of-pockets costs, like deductibles and co-pays.

    These CSR payments don’t go directly to eligible Covered California members, instead health insurance companies lower the costs of some out-of-pocket expenses for eligible Californians, and then the insurers get reimbursed for that expense.

    Even without CSR reimbursements, insurance companies are still required to help eligible Covered California members with their out-of-pocket costs. That’s a requirement of the Affordable Care Act and this requirement has not been halted.

    The Affordable Care Act also includes another, larger type of subsidy that is specifically designed to reduce the cost of premiums, ensuring that family budgets are largely unaffected. That subsidy or premium assistance is called the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC).

    The CSR payments that the federal government is eliminating only apply to certain silver plans. Covered California has already taken steps to minimize the impact of the loss of CSR funding and worked with insurers to price plans accordingly to ensure stability in 2018, adding a premium surcharge only to silver plans. Silver plans are the basis for the amount of premium assistance, APTC, consumers receive, so an increase in silver premium will be offset by an increase in APTC for most consumers.

    Because the surcharge will only be applied to Silver-tier plans, nearly four out of five consumers will see their actual monthly premiums stay the same or decrease, since the amount of premium assistance they receive will also rise.

    The effect of the federal government’s decision is something like this: Insurers get less money for helping low-income people with out-of-pocket costs on silver plans; premiums on silver plans increase more to compensate; and that forces the federal government to increase all APTC based subsidies to make sure people can still afford insurance.

    So, the bottom line to get the best plan at the best price: SHOP and compare all plans offered by Covered California!!

    Thank you,

    The Covered California Team

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    As a California resident my wife & I make about $65k combined. We don't qualify for Covered California because we make too much. Kid in college to the tune of $25k a year.

    2017 2018
    $388 $445 54 year old male $7000 deductible, 14.7% increase
    $297 $341 48 year old female $7000 deductible, 14.6% increase
    $213 $356 21 year old male full coverage $15 co pays, 67.1% increase

    Doesn't leave much left. For several years now my highest payment besides the mortgage has been health insurance. I also feel this is the #1 most important payment to make each month. Combined this will be more than my mortgage sooner than later.

    This country should've been looking at Medicare for all along time ago. Too bad the people don't really control who's elected. Look at the choices we have in each election across the board. Rant over

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    We voted for REPEAL!
    Congress ran on REPEAL!
    Trump elected on REPEAL!

    Rhinos, start packing and get ready for your MASS EXIT because WE CAN & WILL REPEAL YOU!

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    What I found remarkable is that after the election, when congress tried to repeal "Obama-care".....A lot of people who actually voted for Trump realized that they would be screwed if it was taken away...That is why congress and senate have frozen on it....FAUX news has been running a big propaganda campaign to convince people that the system would, A) Double or triple middle-class health premiums, B) would cut benefits to the middle-class, and of course, C) Create "Death panels for granny".....Most of this was total BS.....Now people realize that the real reason "They" are trying to repeal the system is because teh Health insurance companies want only rising profits and don't care at all about health care...If the system was changed to what Trumps backers would really like....Double premiums on the middle-class while cutting back on benefits and eliminating any help for poor and low-income...Then close all of the emergency rooms because they will go broke trying to treat people who could not take care of conditions up front.

    As for the "Death panels for Granny"....It IS coming....Thru Trump......just wait! If you are rich, you will get great care, and if you are not soon as you can't work anymore....DIE!

    Question; If trump eliminates the 1st amendment.....How long before he goes after the 2nd Amendment......?

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