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Do you think America is a better place today than a few years ago?
Do you trust this President? Do you think he is working for the betterment of this country or himself?
Do you think this country is viewed stronger around the world today and respected more than before Trump?
The answer is NO to everything.

Trump has proclaimed himself as the smartest and most knowledgeable person on every issue. He claims that he knows more than the Generals, the Intelligence community, and that consists of numerous agencies, who repeatably say he is wrong, and he ignores their advice, and he obviously doesn't understand the basics of Climate change. It's well known that he doesn't read, so where does he get is vast knowledge or directions?

How can one President surrounded himself with so many people who have pleaded guilty to crimes against this country and not know what was happening? It's well known that he directs what's going on around him.
Do you think trump is an honorable person?

There are left wing people who are too extreme, but the extreme Right Wing is who the President is listening to and following their directions.

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