George Bush, Queen Elizabeth and Vladimir Putin all died and went to hell.

While there, they spied a red phone and asked what the phone was for.

The devil told them it was for calling back to Earth.

Putin asked to call Russia and talked for 5 minutes. When he was finished,
the devil informed him that the cost was ONE million dollars, so Putin wrote
him a check.

Next, Queen Elizabeth called England and talked for 30 minutes. When she was
finished the devil informed her that the cost was SIX million dollars, so
she wrote him a check.

Finally George Bush got his turn and talked for 4 hours. When he was
finished the devil informed him that the cost was $5.00.

When Putin heard this he went ballistic and asked the devil why Bush got to
call the USA so cheaply.

The devil smiled and replied: *"Since Obama took over, the country has gone
to hell, so it's a local call.*