Horrific Predictions
For 2012...

From: Maxwell Swart - Independent American Researcher
Date: Friday 11/15/11

Dear Fellow American,
The US government has been lying to you.
I wish I could say that the government was just keeping the secret because they're incompetent...
But no one can miss how vital this secret is.
In fact, this secret could literally save millions of innocent American lives...
Or spell near-certain death for thousands of families.
Please don't think I say this to scare you; this is reality.
The worst part is
We've made it easy for them to lie to us.
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You and I have been ignoring the fact our loved ones are in grave danger. Pretending this "President" isn't ruining our country, military and economy. Pretending it'll just "blow over."
But you've had that sinking feeling..
You know there is something very wrong here.
I can relate to that.
It was tough for me to admit it, but our homeland is in a precarious position.
As hard as it is to imagine, our great nation could literally be wiped-out by an enemy we don';t even have on the radar.
You see, right now our biggest threat isn't the Taliban, Islamic radicals, North Korea or even a deadly disease from Africa.
Our biggest danger, is also something we can't live without...
The sun could kill us.
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Oddly enough, there's more here than pure scientific discoveries!
For The First Time In
Modern History, Science, Religion,
& Common Sense Agree...

Strangely enough multiple unrelated sources are pointing to something big:
  • The Mayan Calendar drops off completely
  • Current events have started sounding an awful lot like Revelation
  • Now NASA picks up potential for the sun to go haywire and decimate our nation.
Bottom line?
Something is very wrong. Sure, here in the US we're still reasonably safe, but for how long?
Take a good look at the world. In 2010 alone we've had:
  • The Haitian earthquake killing over 220,000 - not to mention more massive earthquakes than the world has seen in the past few centuries...
  • A dramatic increase in tornadoes in the US...
  • Wikileaks jeopardizing our relationship with practically every country on the map...
  • North Korea gearing up to attempt a nuclear Armageddon...
  • Islamic Jihadists in Sweden...
Just turn on CNN & I'm sure you'll have more.
The painful reality is...we're spiraling downward.
The even more painful reality is...

If you haven't started preparing for 2012 you could be sealing your family's fate.

Again, this isn't fear mongering. Here's why:
I HATE to think of my fellow Americans harmed, and I pray that your wife and children stay safe.
Which is exactly why I've got to be honest with you about the dangers of 2012.
  • No one likes to imagine your starving neighbors rioting. Beating down your front door to steal any food you were smart enough to stockpile...
  • It's a nightmare to imagine yourself losing everything you've worked so hard to achieve... The home your family was raised in, the nest-egg you scrimped and scraped to save.
  • Worst of all is the thought of our noble nation being torn apart from the inside. Torn apart by widespread fear and panic. Brother turning against brother.
Trust me, you don't want to be forced to rely on strangers for your next meal.
Or even worse - the government...
But don't take my word for it. Ask the Katrina survivors what it was like...?
Not showering for days. Having no place to go but FEMA refugee camps, and being treated like dead weight...

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You see, the reality here is not pretty. And the government knows it. But...
The Government Does NOT Want
This Information Becoming Public!

Since the Wikileaks fiasco, the electronic arm of the FBI has been on the prowl to shut down any and every website that might have "potentially harmful" information.

While I applaud them for prosecuting that good-for-nothing cyber-spy Assange, the sad truth is they're going to tackle anything they see as a threat.

Which wouldn't be so bad, but, this administration sees American pride and truth as a threat.
Now, I'm not going to lie down and give up without a fight, but, I'm not sure how much longer this information will be available...
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Please do not procrastinate! Without this knowledge you and your family are wide open to serious danger that you absolutely must prepare for.

Maxwell Swart

P.S. NASA has made some of the biggest discoveries in human history. Don't let their earth shattering secret that could save our nation stay hidden!
P.P.S. You're not going to get any scientific mumbo-jumbo here just exactly what you need to save your family, and possibly your country.
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