i am trying to find a good prop for my boat. it is a 22 cole skier with a 330 bravo 1 with 1.50

right now i have a 21 4-blade stern driver that came with the boat...i am rrrr-ing it out and only getting about 55
i was told a 23p revolution or the 24 bravo1 would be my best bet but the bravo might be a little too big so i might have to lab it.

i know teague has a deal where i can test out props until i find the one, but i was hoping to pick up one on ebay or craigslist in the 200 range.

any thoughts also what would a 3 blade be like on this as i can find them all day long...

the 21p stern is great for towing etc, so i would be looking mostly for a cruising and high speed prop...

thanks for insight.