Currently I have a set of 4 blade front and rear Bravo 3 22P props. What RPM / speed / gain or loss would going to 4 x 3 22P props do? Just wondering.

There's a long story behind this question. I joined this site for more suggestions. Here it is in a nutshell.... I took my family out last weekend and couldn't get the boat on plane without putting the 2 teenagers in the cabin...This is my first season with this boat and I was hoping it had a little more than what it has. Currently it's 2001 Monterey 26 foot Cruiser. Merc 5.7 TBI., 260hp, Bravo 3 dual prop outdrive with 26P 3 blade props. When I took it out in the morning to go fishing, only 2 people I was able to get on plane quick, Rev WOT to 4400rpm and hit almost 40mph. Add 4 people and it's a dog.

Dropped to 24P 4x4 ( Hill Marine ) .I'm happy and not..My hole shot is 10x better, cruise is nice, Grips nice at any speed, Reverse backing up is more responsive.
Now for the bad..I was running at around 4400 before with a 3 blade 26p prop. On his website he claims you don't have to drop a pitch size to keep the same RPM with the 4x4. I decided to drop to a 24P because I wanted to gain 200 or so RPM. In the end I ended up loosing another 200rpm. Now my WOT is running at 4000rpm. The motor is rated at 4400-4800. Top end lost around 2-3mph, cruise stayed the same.

Installed the 22P 4x4's . I went out tonight. Same clam conditions.I changed to the 22's and still can't get over 4300. I tried getting up to cruise at 3600, using trim tabs, outdrive trim ect..Cruise speed was around 28-29mph. Went to WOT and could only max out at 4300 with same conditions...I'm wondering if the 4x4 props are too much for my 260hp engine.. I noticed a little more vibration all around also. Hole shot was great with either one..Now I was thinking..What about going to 4x3 props? I'm going to call monday and ask what I should do? If I went with the 22p 4x3 would I gain more rpm? How much speed would I loose. I really didn't think it would be this difficult....

Dropping to 20's seems like a drastic change from the original 26's I had. I would loose a bunch of top speed and cruise. Doesn't make sense to me. I'm wondeting if I should go with the 22 or 24 4x3 props and give that a try...Thanks all