The Cook/Giroux Team "Dialed In" #764 ME would like to take this time extend it's thanks to those who made us feel so welcomed at last week's CDBA event in Dexter, Oregon.

The event was ran smooth as silk and in timely manner. Making our 1200 mile drive well worth it.

The officials were professional and dealt with our team in a professional manner when issues arose. The Ramp Crew was above board! I've never had so much fun getting our boat into and out of the water. Ladies and gentlemen your work didn't go unnoticed.

I'm sure there were many behind the scenes that we missed that were integral to making this race happen....
The local town folk seemed glad to have us as well.
To you all, thank you!

So from....

Roy Cook
Pete Giroux
Sean Giroux
Jerry Snodgrass
Art Ramos

Thank you CDBA for putting on a great event!