Looking for a "Parts Sponsor" !!

Anyone interested in sponsoring us as a parts sponsor or anyone who wants to be part of our race team you will get great PR for your company through me please PM me or call me 805-340-5601

Ill do everything i can to push your company here on my FB as well as the two websites i own www.highperformanceboats.net & our team site at Home and
As well as at the Races !
You also get large logos on 3 spots on the boat , on my truck as well as my motorhome that goes to the races also on any Flags, tshirts etc.
We have a great team behind us . We now have a Professional engine builder . Im getting professional race training as well ,and have other great sponsors helping to get us to where we need to be to be competitive .We run a blown alcohol flatbottom.
M&D Performance one of our sponsors is in the process of building us our new engine for the 777 boat.
We are a very serious team and could use the help and would love to.have you onboard as a sponsor to be part of our team!
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