: Political Rhetoric

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  1. New Air Force cargo planes fly straight into mothballs
  2. Obamacare or ACA?
  3. Border
  4. Libtard utopia, hey libtards, I found you a perfect place to live!!!
  5. Newtown votes to demolish Sandy Hook School, rebuild on same site
  6. Who shut down thje gov, you ask?
  7. No boating due to government shutdown
  8. How low will they stoop, you ask?
  9. The Deficit is actually DECREASING during shutdown!
  10. Onegro the arrogant prick
  11. I think I found one of our liberals. . .
  12. Another WTF
  13. More Democrat rhetoric and demonstration of them being the "PARTY OF NO"
  14. McAfee Antivirus founder: “What idiot put this system out there?”
  15. Another IRS target
  16. Shots fired at the US Capitol.
  17. Liberal Medicine Part 1
  18. National Parks closing
  19. Lol
  20. The Lazy Shotgun
  21. Signs...Again?..
  22. The real party of "NO"
  23. It's not a Shutdown
  24. Informal, unofficial survey.....
  25. $400 Ins " increase "
  26. Priorities????
  27. So easy a Cave Man can do it.
  28. Gun control logic explained in yet, another way . . .
  29. David gregory - you suck!!!
  30. Here's the list of Employers that cut Hours &/or Jobs because of OBAMACARE
  31. what's REALLY in obamacare? be sure to read this!
  32. Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Obama
  33. Sweet
  34. Flake lives up to his name
  35. OH great! zero sends Detroit 100 million
  36. Go ahead and shut it down!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. RINO's
  38. The Kenyan says "Don't discipline the black students."
  39. The Federation
  40. More racial harmony
  41. Senate website gets 2nd Amendment wrong, critics say
  42. Hey OBAMA supporters, look what you have done to our youth...
  43. Not Enough Money for White House Tours, but Plenty for ‘Bisexual Visibility Day’
  44. Meet the Man Who Caught Cop on Camera Forcibly Removing His Pro-Gun Sign…
  45. ACA as written??
  46. Obama and Kerry BSing the UN?
  47. Fruits and Nuts Are Live and Well in Cali!!!
  48. "Cash for Clunkers" Repercussions
  49. The "Religion of Peace" Strikes Again
  50. now it's all the republicans fault
  51. Naval Base Shooting
  52. Acts of cowardice personified! Democrats classlessness . . .
  53. Calif, Communist Party AKA, the Democratic Party
  54. Thanks Obama
  55. Millllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllions for CPS... BUTTTTTT...
  56. Debt Ceiling again??? Let's review history, shall we . . .
  57. Obama donor gained nearly $1 billion in tax credits in Solyndra bankruptcy
  58. Funding the gov't....
  59. Walgreens Drops Employee Health Insurance Coverage
  60. Looking for a more complete list, are you? Here you go! Liberals unite in praise!
  61. So, who is doing these shootings? The TEA Party?
  62. Now we Americans can feel secure at home --- NOT!!!!
  63. Depite Ban...Obama will arm Syrian Rebels
  64. So how does America feel about it?? Does it matter???
  65. Proof of what American men really care about!
  66. California tries to mandate retirement savings for private workers
  67. Obamacare needs to know about your sex life
  68. The White House is Infested
  69. obama gay?
  70. obama gay?
  71. Wisconsin teachers union decertified in latest blow to labor under Walker law
  72. Assad announces his "conditions"...
  73. Free syrian hackers hit Power Boat Nation online?
  74. Senator Brian Birdwell's story: 9-11 and the attack on the Penatgon
  75. Green Energy Kills
  76. Putin speaks to Americans (not obammer) in NYT
  77. Of course this wasn't reported but here's another truth . . .
  78. Could this be true?
  79. Moderate Syrian Propopent a FRAUD
  80. Bikers in DC....Streaming
  81. Another scandal or misuse of funds
  82. Colorado lawmakers ousted in recall election over strict gun laws
  83. Obummer is on TV trying to sell WWIII again
  84. Employer versus the muzzy
  85. lets all help Obama kick start WWIII
  86. Power Grid Down Drill To Be Conducted By US Government
  87. WW III prophecy
  88. Alcoa, HP, Bank of America dropped from Dow
  89. Jeb Bush to Award Hillary 'Liberty Medal' on Eve of Benghazi Anniversary
  90. 'Peaceful solution': Syria accepts Russia deal to hand over chemical weapons?
  91. Biden During 2012 Campaign: Romney ‘Ready To Go To War In Syria’
  92. 3.8% more
  93. Egyptian Media Says Barack Obama Is Muslim Brotherhood Member
  94. Did a Former Iranian Official Threaten One of Obama’s Daughters Would Be Kidnapped an
  95. O said "if you like your health plan you can keep it"
  96. Russia sends warship with "special cargo" to Syria
  97. Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria
  98. Illegal Alien fights to become California lawyer
  99. This KenyanKare is really getting annoying . . .
  100. And so it begins . . .
  101. I didn't draw the red line the world did
  102. Its settled, NOBODY gets to say it anymore!!!!!!!!
  103. Mary Landrieu Still Silent on Real Estate Scandal
  104. Better late than never....I guess.
  105. What should we do about Syria??
  106. Now the idiot wants to go to a summit!
  107. Here's who the Kenyan wants our military to support in Syria . . .
  108. More Justice?
  109. Ok, everyone can thank me now
  110. what a F'en idiot!!!
  111. Aw HELL nawwwwwww...
  112. SomeoneS need a real role model....
  113. Headline: 30 days for rape....
  114. The dream lives on...
  115. . . . as we send troops into Syria, it's time to reflect . . .
  116. How's he doing for America you ask? I'll tell you in 33 points!
  117. Justice for Treyvon continues...........
  118. How's that working for you?
  119. Liberals are furious because of KenyanKare?
  120. Sen Mary Landrieu makes a fool of herself like a typical Democrat will.... again...
  121. Free Boat Rides.........this is funny
  122. Humor
  123. Team involved in tracking Benghazi suspects pulling out, sources say
  124. Private schooling
  125. Obama's army possesses more ammo than the u.s. Army!
  126. WW II Vet Beaten to Death....Thanks Al Sharpton
  127. Al Gore says if you disagree with global warming you are a racist.
  128. UPS removing spouses from health care
  129. million muslim march on 9-11
  130. One reason for libtards to hate Fox News.
  131. Toilet Rules by: Ayatollah Khomeini
  132. Ready to fill out your Obama care applicetion next month?
  133. Tea Party Add for (R) KY: Mitch McConnell
  134. Now a Aussie college student
  135. You might live in a country run by idiots
  136. Where is the outrage from the left?
  137. Costco takes EBT
  138. If
  139. Egypt responds to the Kenyan
  140. Another law broken by our fearless leader
  141. Did you know about this in Obumacare?
  142. Hannity- Mark Levin now..........
  143. Whiote house solar panels
  144. Some PEW Survey Results and some from FOX news
  145. A defense for Socialism, in 1370 words!
  146. Muslim kills two hostages at a bank in St Joseph, Louisiana
  147. TRY and tell me the muslim world isnt EFFFFed up....
  148. Hola amigos, donde esta la feta de gubiemo
  149. Fancy Books
  150. Secret $8 billion Obama Money to Muslim Brothehood
  151. California economist says real US debt $70 trillion
  152. Obama will sign Un gun treaty while Congress on vacation
  153. Muslims seem a little pissed off with brobama
  154. rodeoers losing jobs by liberl dems
  155. 400 Surface to Air Missiles Missing from Benghazi!
  156. Very true quote.
  157. O the Hypocrite
  158. Damn Libtard Media
  159. Just a reminder of the truth . . .
  160. Obama Press Conference...
  161. Your kidding, right?
  162. Planned Parent Hood Fraudulent Billing
  163. 401K Into Retirement USA?
  164. would you vote for this?
  165. Rare Footage...Liberal BADASS caught on tape!!!!
  166. Austraiia's Sara Palin...
  167. A little light reading...
  168. It's time!
  169. Owned!
  170. These three could be Obama's sons
  171. O's Suppression of the 1st Amendment
  172. Obama snubbed by Putin
  173. Screw Ted Nugent...Vote for this guy
  174. Russell Brand
  175. Congressional Exemption = Indentured Servant
  176. 1 minute Youtube a MUST WATCH!!
  177. Liberals in hiding???
  178. $13 million in ice for Hurricane Isaac allowed to melt
  179. Uh OHHHHH. Holders at it again.
  180. What if???
  181. Those darned oath keepers!!!!!
  182. Celebreties push to unionise the Nissan plant in Jackson, MS
  183. Black Man in Hoodie Stabs White Girl 11 Times
  184. OBAMA THREATENS: Race Relations “May Get Worse” if He Does Not Get His Way
  185. Democraps wanna bail out Detroit
  186. O's 50th birthday
  187. Incompetano is as capable as the Kenyan himself, it seems.
  188. Thanks, Obumble...Unemployment rates rise in 90 % of US cities!
  189. UNBELIEVABLE!!! 70 Straight Days: Treasury Says Debt Stuck at Exactly $16,699,396,000
  190. Now the Kenyan is releasing high profile prisoners from GITMO!
  191. Black Caucus recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security Secretary
  192. Gov't Knows Best? White House creates 'nudge squad' to shape behavior
  193. A trickle of hope for California
  194. Obama and Hillary Clinton lunch, 'get a chance to catch up'
  195. Where's the beef? Fast-food workers in walkout to protest low wages
  196. Where are the liberals, you ask?
  197. zimmerman juror
  198. New 3% CA Tax
  199. Do you remember?
  200. Old school
  201. Cant spend what you dont have FOREVER AND EVER...
  202. The Pension Fund That Ate California
  203. Interesting comment from a liberal newspaper.
  204. What it means to be white in america
  205. The wolves are eating their pups...
  206. HUD to Penalize Communitees for not Recruiting for Diversity
  207. Fun at the shooting range!
  208. Bombshell: Govt Official Says Hillary Spearheaded Benghazi Review
  209. What did Zimmerman do now?
  210. Seems like the dots are being connected in the IRS scandal
  211. FaceBook censorship
  212. Obama: "Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago"
  213. Obama taps top fundraisers, bundlers for ambassadorships
  214. Obama administration scandal
  215. Do you know me??
  216. No Mor
  217. Drunk fire men runs over girl...
  218. O LAME O care and one of the worst.......
  219. Congrats To Detroit...Liberal D-Bags
  220. 12 states sue EPA
  221. Larry Elder goes toe to toe with Piers Morgan
  222. Accused of Firing Shotgun Blames Biden
  223. Look who is new in the white house
  224. new photo of Zimmerman
  225. Nuge and Z man
  226. Reid issues ultimatum, demands Republicans approve nominees -- or else Read more: ht
  227. Another way to waste our tax money
  228. Missing During Any Crisis
  229. United States National DEBT days away from topping $17 Trillion Dolllars!!!
  230. Snowden may be safer in the usa
  231. Rude , Insensitive , NWS
  232. Zimmerman Not Guilty?
  233. Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools
  234. Unions - O-care to destroy middle class
  235. Government Workers Furloughed But At Least The Gophers Are Safe
  236. Congrats CA
  237. Northern Colorado Secession
  238. Slowwwwwwly they turned... step by step... inch by inch...
  239. SD pet store ban??
  240. these people breed and vote.
  241. The Government Dividing the Populous
  242. How much does an inept leader cost, you ask???
  243. Who likes the Kenyan's latest executive order?
  244. The "JOBS REPORT" was pretty good.... BUT....
  245. Liberal intelligence
  246. Obama-care is killing my Veteran neighbor!
  247. Rumor has it Black Panthers
  248. If this is true
  249. Ohio, teachers, CC, take that assholes!!
  250. The American Protection and Firearm Act