: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Republican take on deficits
  2. Dem debt fix
  3. Barry to speak to the nation again today.......
  4. Are You A Hobbit?
  5. The Bankruptcy of the United States
  6. Feeling entitled much?
  7. Racest?
  8. I thought high taxes were good?
  9. More to look forward to with Barrycare!
  10. My Senator responded in two hours with this:
  11. Congress corrupt poll ?
  12. Peace Treaty
  13. O and La Raza, made for each other
  14. Rand Pauls 1% cut plan
  15. Democrats Launch their 2012 Ad Campaign in Spanish!!!!!
  16. Not much has changed in 47 years....
  17. Stock up!!!
  18. Good ol Brown at it again..
  19. Sickening!!
  20. Chimp blame bush
  21. Look who Obama's hired for cybersecurity team
  22. For all you bush haters!!!!!!!!!
  23. Taxing the "Fat Cats".....
  24. Maybe even Ram will understand this?????????????
  25. Fed audit reveals SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS in secret bailouts.....................
  26. For all you Barrycare nutswingers!
  27. Bush's fault? Really?
  28. Archie knew Democrats even back then.....
  29. Hahaha, I guess the shovel ready jobs weren't so shovel ready, hahaha.....
  30. Boehner wont return my phone call WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  31. Norway terrorism attack
  32. start a useless agency/shut down a vital one????
  33. Bam!
  34. West vs Wasserman
  35. He lied!!
  36. Here it is!
  37. Sen. Feinstein's New Bill
  38. The lastest corporate outrage!
  39. Little Johnny
  40. Unintended Consequences
  41. Who allocated funds for this? Conservatives or Liberals?
  42. Oddsmakers against O
  43. Will the Tea Party Kill The GOP?
  44. When did Palin jump the shark?
  45. sounds like the GOP is getting ready to fold.
  46. Left wing tax increases? Try this.....
  47. Should this be a Poll?
  48. Do you have Conservative or Liberal Characteristics?
  49. Obama's B-Day party
  50. Mr. Hope and Change is losing support.
  51. Where are the organized Union Riots and protests at Chicago city hall?
  52. Did the idiot and chief really claime this?
  53. Gay History
  54. Clemens mistrial
  55. Any one watch the Kenyan on TV earlier?
  56. Roger Ailes, Fox News, Propaganda
  57. It's not Kool Aid it's Drugs !!
  58. Poor bobo
  59. Meet a Plutocrat
  60. Bernanke/ Ron Paul
  61. The president now threatening to withhold Social Security Checks
  62. Oh the irony of it all . . .
  63. Csu tuition increases
  64. What Would Reagan Do?
  65. Bernanke's solution......
  66. Economic Gains wiped out during downturn...
  67. Corporate moles working for Republicans incresses
  68. More bad news for CA.....go figure!
  69. The Daily Show
  70. 3 types of Democrats
  71. Corporate buying influence never ends....
  72. Perfect Example or why entitlemnt programs are a failure.......
  73. Murdoch hacking scandal...
  74. Fence? We don need no stinkin' fence !
  75. Here is the types of Democrats
  76. 10 Types of Republicans
  77. Poor bobo
  78. Glen Beck Visits Israel
  79. Can these budgets really ever become balanced?
  80. GOP Canidates
  81. Sherrif Joe keepin' it real!!
  82. Notice when you swap the "t" and "ch" in the word teacher you get cheater....
  83. Righies, Maher is talking to you !
  84. Question For The Conservtives
  85. Question for the Libs in here?
  86. Obamanation
  87. TARP, according to Forbes
  88. Should we raise the debt ceiling for America?
  89. Obama's Stimulis, linked to Gun Runner
  90. Poor bobo
  91. Housing Bubble Destroys The Middle Class
  92. Huge pay increases for White House staffers under the kenyan
  93. Poor Bobo
  94. The Traveling President
  95. Palin propagnda movie trailer..
  96. The Obama Legacy
  97. Hey Texas, You Broke International Law
  98. Corporate Jet CEO's.........
  99. 9.2%
  100. Poor bobo
  101. Once again, Barry and Dems are trying to circumvent the system set in place!
  102. WH against Texas execution......
  103. Useless Senators
  104. Questions
  105. a reminder
  106. The history of the GOP tax cut
  107. soething we shoud know...
  108. Still excited about the Kenyan's socialized health care??????
  109. Gulf moratorium, denied drilling permits, now this?
  110. Oil SHortage Obama's "Man Made" Disaster
  111. Obama... Obama... Obama... Obama... Obama... Obama...
  112. Why no HATE CRIME???
  113. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
  114. More from our founding fathers
  115. Liberals behaving like, well... liberals.
  116. Wal-Mart vs The Morons
  117. For ZOMBIE
  118. Obama could be Losing Canada's Oil to China
  119. Corporate power feared by founders...
  120. Geithner fed up too?
  121. Obama Wants To End Corporate Jet's Tax Break....
  122. Times are tough....but not if you are a fat cat!!
  123. The Kenyan-in-chief and Navy Seal Team 6
  124. Liberal Pukes, Please Stay Home From Any 4th of July PEErades....
  125. Amazon dodges collecting cal tax
  126. Wow, someone willing to say the truth about stimulus!
  127. More evidence of the destruction of the union on budgets!
  128. North and South California States??????
  129. Obama to congress, get to work
  130. OBAMACAREE SALES tax on home saleS????
  131. Even Larry Flint knows what is going on in America
  132. Healthcare Victory, or at least a good first step
  133. Senator Durbin and the Dream Act
  134. Here is how big money works to shape America
  135. "I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday."
  136. WTF Brown?
  137. Are my eyes playing a trick on me???
  138. Tax breaks for the wealthy or cheese for the minions?
  139. Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday...
  140. World War 3?
  141. One World Religion?
  142. The Founding Fathers
  143. Senate windbag
  144. Where is O going to get all his fraudulent votes in 2012?
  145. "Media Matters" taking shots...
  146. Bye bye Blago
  147. Good bye to the nuts.
  148. Gil Duran just calling it like it is.
  149. More millions more to be sent to Africa ratholes !
  150. My new favorite bumper sticker
  151. Admiral says he is trying to assassinate Gaddafi..
  152. Even Van Jones trying to wake up America.
  153. Movie Quiz
  154. Utter Disrespct for the troops by Barry.
  155. Fox News lies
  156. Another MMGW hoaxster exposed
  157. I can't believe it..............
  158. Hey libs! Still standing behind your Kenyan? He's failing miserably!!!
  159. Things are looking up!
  160. Congresswoman, Maxine Walters finally explains the liberal's agenda
  161. For all you bitter clingers out there..
  162. GOP ignoring its base
  163. Clinton's Plan
  164. Republican hopefuls: any enthusiasm?
  165. Proof positive that Obama care does work!!!
  166. Anyone hear of the main stream media metioning this?
  167. Fundraiser count
  168. Conservatism and Reality
  169. Obama must hate black people more than white people?
  170. Words from his own friend; "Murder in the WH".
  171. Still out there, questions about Barry??????????
  172. I wonder why?
  173. Anyone hoping NATO fails?
  174. Obama loves America!!!
  175. Trouble in the Big House.
  176. Taxpayers paying for BET trip to Africa with Michelle Obama
  177. Can get him to listen, sue him......
  178. ‘Recovery Summer,’ One Year Later
  179. Barry, they are "wilding" in the streets of chicago!
  180. Best Headlines In Weinergate (Or what should have been headlines)
  181. Funny Quote
  182. Call Out Thread for Donzi5150
  183. Fast and Furious...
  184. Spewing propaganda pays well
  185. Lost Decade
  186. Drooling Imbecile
  187. A little for Ram,Zombie...
  188. Nightmares
  189. Goodbye America
  190. First Debate
  191. More from the TIC
  192. $6.6 billion missing?
  193. Let's discuss what is good about America nowdays !
  194. Perfect!
  195. Sad State of America today
  196. Barbara Boxer on 790 AM Radio 6/11/2011
  197. Nancy Pelosi Just Told Anthony Weiner To Resign: He "Needs Help"
  198. Arizona cops kill Marine in a supposed Pot Raid - Jose Guerena
  199. Is Governor Perry making a run????
  200. Edwards is soo screwed...a gotcha from beyond the grave.
  201. 2MM call out thread
  202. Warning
  203. Simple question....Why?
  204. Brazil , the new industrial superpower???
  205. 5 Myths
  206. Happy 10th Birthday, Bush Tax Cuts!
  207. O Shit.
  208. Entitlement Failure
  209. Barry the terrorist!
  210. Palin
  211. Bend over Kiddies!
  212. Obama keeps lead on Republicans
  213. Libtards
  214. If-if-if
  215. Whoops! Another Chief Adviser Jumps the Kenyan's sinking ship!
  216. IMF warns the British
  217. Liberal math???
  218. US comes in dead last in Global Happiness Index
  219. Politicians misquoting the founding fathers
  220. Weiner is a ....Well you know...
  221. Funtimes
  222. "killing Bin Laden" on now DTV 278 (Discovery)
  223. Paul Revere warned the British?
  224. OK, it's time to review the facts!
  225. John Edwards indicted
  226. Barry Rebuked!
  227. Unemployment rises to 9.1% this week!!
  228. Absolute proof that this Administration does not believe in the American dream!
  229. Dr Kevorkian dies unassisted
  230. Economy not getting better
  231. The Kenyan has proclaimed June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender pride month"
  232. Dreamy!!!!!!!
  233. Perfect gift for the resident Liberals
  234. Hollywood pushes Liberal Agenda ? who knew?
  235. Will you loons on the right
  236. Texas Sovereignty
  237. Mediscare
  238. Epa power grab!! Again!!! The water in your backyard is not even safe!!
  239. Food for thought
  240. Palin causing life threating situation.
  241. Disrespectful?
  242. Yep, these guys get it.......and there will still be idiots to vote for these idiots!
  243. Syria
  244. I haven't read any threads on the passing of the Patriot act extensions
  245. Possible Solution To Help Lower Crime And Get Benefit For The Money We Give Away
  246. Union saves another job for an outstanding government employee!
  247. 62% Federal Tax Rate
  248. More from the Left
  249. More bad news for illegals in Arizona!!!!
  250. Liberal moral decline at its worst!