: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Yep, these guys get it.......and there will still be idiots to vote for these idiots!
  2. Syria
  3. I haven't read any threads on the passing of the Patriot act extensions
  4. Possible Solution To Help Lower Crime And Get Benefit For The Money We Give Away
  5. Union saves another job for an outstanding government employee!
  6. 62% Federal Tax Rate
  7. More from the Left
  8. More bad news for illegals in Arizona!!!!
  9. Liberal moral decline at its worst!
  10. Obama budget gets goose egg in Democrat-controlled Senate
  11. Z, Ram, Thumbs, 26....where do you guys work again?
  12. Ok, what has happened to Ram?
  13. But he can own a gun or two or three or.....
  14. yet another OOPS!
  15. Another staple of climate change hysteria fall short.
  16. Land fro peace?
  17. Obama Limo FAIL!!!
  18. Kalifornia ordered to release Tens of Thousands of prison inmates...WOW
  19. Irish?? Where is O NOT from??
  20. 900 Miles
  21. Herman Cain
  22. Crime victims of illegal aliens
  23. Chinese Soldiers In Mexico
  24. Netanyahu schools the lightweight.
  25. John Huntsman's Position on Global Warming
  26. Hey Zombie, are you prepared?
  27. Yep, I could see W doing that...
  28. $2 million lottery winner on food stamps
  29. Just Another Example Of Why Big Business Needs To Be Regulated
  30. US Senate, whata joke....
  31. Poof..... more billion$ scheduled to go up in smoke
  32. We like to think we Americans are "free". So how "free" are we really ?
  33. Study: Obama's Stimulus Cost 595,000 Jobs
  34. Makes you want a GM Product (SARCASM)
  35. Barrycare = corruption or Obama in bed with big government medical, you choose?
  36. Iran....
  37. Gov. Rick Perry's Business-Friendly Texas Thriving
  38. Allen West Obliterates Obama Official at Hearing: 'Why Are You Here?'
  39. Libtards, really?
  40. How many inches do you have?
  41. Article about pensions
  42. What's happening?
  43. Osamas Mama's- porn find.....
  44. Let's see you righties find fault with this.
  45. Bachman is in trouble
  46. Obama’s Favorite Union Goes Full Communist
  47. Flooding? Who made this dumb dicission?
  48. Hypothetical Scenario
  49. Barack Obama 2012 - "Hot Air" Alternative Energy Plan
  50. Again
  51. Idiot in chief
  52. Paul Ryan: An adult conversation about the Budget
  53. A "must have" for the O swingers...
  54. Alaska Oilmen on DTV 286
  55. Olberman
  56. Chester A. Arthur
  57. GAS$$$ What me worry???
  58. The Kenyan's true agenda comes out! Organized labor over the interests of America!
  59. The Aisle Seat
  60. "Education" Illionois Democrat style...
  61. Obama: "Counterterrorism efforts heroic....."
  62. Infuriating: Mexican-American Studies Problem in the Tucson Unified School District
  63. White House Insider: Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden
  64. polluting our seas
  65. "O"'s White House
  66. ‘Forget About the Law’: Union Bosses & White House Advisors Bob Park & Rich Trumka
  67. Censorship on the Left
  68. Protecting Soros: Obama's Dishonest Oil Price Investigation
  69. Koch Brother's Partners in Destroying America
  70. Bush should get more credit
  71. Barack Obama's REAL Speech On Bin Laden
  72. Fair,Ethical.Honest?
  73. Good News
  74. California worst state for business, survey says
  75. Gangster Politics
  76. Idiot of the Week: Barack Obama taking down the American flag at Ground Zero.
  77. Does this really surprise anyone?
  78. He Doesn't Get It.
  79. Krauthammer Destroys Obama's Excuses For Not Releasing Bin Laden Photos
  80. More Leftist thinking.
  81. Liberal Logic: Why Leftists Can’t Be Taken Seriously
  82. High gas prices+hypocrisy+too political ????
  83. Could it be ?
  84. Did the U.S. Military Act on its Own Authority to Kill bin Laden?
  85. 9-11
  86. Photo's
  87. The Media
  88. Japan
  89. So why kill him?
  90. Volt mpg, Leaf sales
  91. Attention corporate nut swingers.
  92. Healthcare
  93. Here comes the pr push.
  94. Bin laded dead !!!
  95. David Axelrod's Communist Associations
  96. Channel Surfing!
  97. I am a huge believer that the President can not affect long term oil prices, but..
  98. The real difference in Wages between Public and Private Secter.
  99. Public vs. Private Pay
  100. Wizard Chick told me the future....
  101. Cut spending from the Tax Code
  102. Here We Go Again
  103. Time to party!!! Only 23 days left
  104. We need to...
  105. Islam is your buddy, Islam is your friend
  106. And we still haven't drilled
  107. Obama on Oprah
  108. Poor Unions....
  109. NFL and the Court System
  110. Huge set back for Barry!
  111. Most corrupt state: Louisiana ranked higher than Illinois
  112. The Long Form is Out
  113. The Problem With California
  114. Obama, Lost in Thought.
  115. Obama and Harvard: Is Donald Trump right?
  116. Shell Oil Lambastes Odd EPA Denial on Drilling
  117. Obama Rails Against Oil Subsidies, Gave ACORN $3 Billion in Stimulus
  118. Trump takes up the Kenyan's grades and affirmative action
  119. Just who is this Kenyan, anyway?
  120. Idiots on the left just don't get it......
  121. W-100K Here's a man who loves the U.S. Military personnel!
  122. Gary Johnson for President
  123. Taxpayers get to pay to sell KenyanKare to themselves???????
  124. Dems just want to speed up the train for destruction!
  125. Democratic capitalism to Plutocratic capitalism is that what you want ?
  126. Jimmy Carter
  127. Follow the money !!!
  128. Enough bad talk
  129. Waco
  130. Awesome Koch Brothers and the good they do for America and liberty!
  131. ACORN convicted in MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD Conspiracy Who's Surprised????
  132. Asshole Koch Brothers
  133. Conservatives Screwed America
  134. The Refuge Annexation
  135. The Kenyan's Union Thugs & NLRB are taking on Boeing???????
  136. Democrat Soros' Bretton Woods Conference Accelerates Push for New Global Economy
  137. George Carlin - Saving The planet
  138. WSJ article on O's budget
  139. Obamas New Book, Oop's one about him!
  140. Thought I would before
  141. Nothing Changes
  142. $11B loss
  143. New concept
  144. defining of liberal and conservative and what they stand for!
  145. Jokes of the Day
  146. Trump, Liberal or Conservative?
  147. We are now going to give 25 Million in stuff to Libya's rebels
  148. Let the paybacks begin!!!!!!!
  149. For those who doubted me....
  150. Herman Cain....Will he be the one?
  151. Az governor gets" Birther Bill" and trash cans it.
  152. Did you make your donation to Obamacare today?
  153. Yes we can
  154. No Respect!
  155. Drrrrreeeeeaaaammyyy
  156. REXONE,Thoughts?
  157. Oop's ,Chevy Volt Suspected of Causing House Fire
  158. What's your take on this?
  159. Immigration records exist for the clown.
  160. Tell me it is not so...
  161. Here is a good combo to make the Rats cry!
  162. "Just Sayin"
  163. Your fair share?
  164. Empty Suit
  165. "Peak Oil"
  166. Governor Wlaker and the GOP's plan to defund the Democrats
  167. Obama's deficit reduction plan
  168. The Kenyan's speech today put Biden to sleep!
  169. Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children:
  170. Is this the final nail in California's coffin?
  171. O'Bama- Medicare
  172. The Food Police Are Coming!
  173. Navy hates outboards
  174. Presidential Approval rating is slipping
  175. Paul Ryan has balls?
  176. As more conservatives
  177. This WILL affect your opinion of nuclear power.
  178. I guess we have a budget?
  179. Essential Government Function?
  180. Is Napalitano protecting U.S. from terrorists Molatov cocktails?
  181. Morale
  182. Liberal Moron
  183. Joey Plugs
  184. Criminal
  185. Why does the GOP want to defund Planned parenthood ?
  186. What has Obama screwed up ?
  187. O and gas prices
  188. Congratulations Jimmy Carter
  189. Why can't I search the PRF?
  190. A Little Social Security History.
  191. Who is the NEW TROLL ???
  192. Safe on the Border
  193. Looks like Beck can join Olbermann
  194. No matter how deep your hate...
  195. Intersting Piece on the Bailouts
  196. Bush owns the largest deficit , ever.
  197. Where is Doc?
  198. Donald trump filed for Bankruptcy 3 times.
  199. What tool did Bush need to fight terrorism...
  200. Why does ....
  201. Who said this?
  202. What did you psychos do with KeyWester????
  203. Ultra Left Wing Wack Job to Head DNC
  204. Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare
  205. McDonalds Hiring
  206. Paul Ryan Interview!
  207. The Don is on to something.
  208. Protest Signs In Syria
  209. The Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and Conservative Extremists
  210. I could not have said it better.
  211. Libyan rebel aid?
  212. Flip Flop
  213. Oil Company Profits vs. Fuel Taxation
  214. Feeling Depessed? 27 Depressing Statistics About The U.S. Economy.
  215. Video: The Forgotten Man
  216. Tea Party matchmaking?
  217. One of the fastest recoveries ever.
  218. Democrats vs Republicans on job creation.
  219. Lets Eat the Rich....
  220. A glimps into China.
  221. hey zombie
  222. Allen West: I’m sick and tired of everyone trying to castigate the Tea Party!
  223. The Bank Run We Knew So Little About
  224. The Truth About The Budget
  225. Are You Concerned?
  226. This is what Barry's good friend thinks of him!
  227. Does this article not prove we are not producing.............
  228. Obamas new ad 2012
  229. All Volunteer Elected Officials
  230. Not Natural Born
  231. Just for kicks
  232. This is outrageous!
  233. Teach THIS!
  234. What’s Your State’s Deadweight Ratio?
  235. A "peaceful" response....
  236. Who actually believes the Kenyan wants to help America???????
  237. Glenn Beck
  238. Not Yours To Give
  239. Welcome Back Carter
  240. natural gas
  241. Barry Soetoro's new Mantra...
  242. Shh! Obama gets anti-secrecy award
  243. Some Records are NOT to be broken!!
  244. Dick Morris
  245. WSJ article - The price of Taxing the Rich
  246. Oops
  247. Socialism explained
  248. Finally some common sense......
  249. Insightful But Old Speech By Robert Welch
  250. Obama speech: Fact VS Fiction....