: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Petition to Repeal ObamaCare!
  2. Mandatory Wear of Life Vests
  3. How do you Vote?
  4. Defend Glenn Beck
  5. George Bush
  6. Hey Doc=60 Minutes tonight?
  7. Harry Coover, creator of Super Glue, dies at 94
  8. You go donald trump!
  9. Libya vs Iraq See the difference??
  10. Congressional Reform ACT of 2011: So last week I receive
  11. Here is Energy for a 1000 Years American Know How.
  12. Oil price solution?
  13. Allies my ass!
  14. You guys on the Left that always rail about the Right being in bed with big business.
  15. Karab Amabo
  16. The Weekly Address
  17. Good thing Catholicism has deep pockets.
  18. Hey Zombie, whats your take on this???
  19. This further proves O's ineptness....
  20. I was just threatened by a client.....
  21. oBOMBa
  22. Capitalist Fascists vs Capitalist Socialists
  23. Has Obama jumped the shark?
  24. AGENDA: Grinding America Down
  25. Organizing for Revolution: The Final ‘Push’ To Transform America
  26. Can't I just eat my waffle?
  27. What do you do for a living?
  28. Drill Baby Drill
  29. Happy Birthday!
  30. Job creation?????
  31. Even the Donks are crying about the Kenyan Clown.
  32. Communist Party Suing Democratic Party For “Stealing” Platform
  33. Theory
  34. The Honeymoon is over......Hee,hee
  35. SIEU Exposed! (13 minute analisys)!
  36. Tea Party is a totally fraudulent organization
  37. Should the U.S. be
  38. Arabs dont know what they want! ....latest headlines
  39. Attacking Libya for humanatrian interests.
  40. Are Taxes Patriotic?
  41. Congressman
  42. By any means neccessary
  43. You Lie!
  44. How far will these libs really go to "fix" an election?
  45. You can't make this stuff up.
  46. Good News!
  47. Ddddddddddrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmyyy yy!!!
  48. France Seeks U.N. Backing for Airstrikes
  49. House Votes 228-192 to Ban Federal Funds for NPR Programming
  50. Democrat Governors are now threatening the union's grasp on education!
  51. Japan VS Katrina
  52. A Debate on Socialism.....Let's hear it!
  53. My Political Rant
  54. Tea Party Vs Informed Citizen
  55. Check out the names of the pirates convicted for life...
  56. Now this is beyond laughable!
  57. Now we're outsourcing NASA.
  58. Way cool
  59. The Past Election
  60. AWESOME: The Obamoratorium, Illustrated
  61. This About Sums Up Liberal Policy Making
  62. Anybody wanna lay odds.....
  63. Where is the President?
  64. Legitimate question for Ram..
  65. Slices of Pizza
  66. Can You Imagine.........
  67. I agree with BHO......
  68. Did you hear this BS from Jesse Jackson JR on the floor?
  69. Another O accomplishment
  70. Liberal Pride
  71. Jesse Jackson
  72. Can You Imagine if Tea Party Stormed the WI Capitol...
  73. You have to do what you have to do. (political/religious joke)
  74. Gov Walker Is Folding
  75. Japan Stealth Jet prototype set to fly in 2014
  76. Trump Voters check this out.
  77. Roy Ashburn and GOP Hypocrisy
  78. The Truth
  79. Inflation Numbers.....
  80. NPR caught Bashing Conservatives.
  81. Candidates for 2012
  82. I remember back in 2004 when no one cared!
  83. Today's Joke
  84. Obacommies record 223 Billion Deficit in a single Month !!!!!!!!!!!!
  85. Libtards
  86. The TIC
  87. Drreeeeeeaaaammmmyyy!
  88. Are you sick of highly paid teachers?
  89. Government push causes big stink in San Fran....
  90. Our Economic System, Is Actually A Giant Global Ponzi Scheme
  91. Niall Ferguson Hands Out Some Severe Ownership on MSNBC's Morning Joe
  92. 60 Minutes
  93. Mosque Makeovers Courtesy of the US Taxpayer.
  94. Michelle Bachmann on Face the Nation
  95. UPLAND MAYOR 11 count Indictment
  96. Live ammo found at Wisconsin Capitol, eh?
  97. How Odd
  98. Green/Clean wind turbines burning?
  99. Are America's Best Days Behind Us?
  100. Where did the Mexican Drug Cartels really get their fully automatic weapons?
  101. US Senate/Harry Reid
  102. A glimpse of a Liberal future.
  103. Why Collective Bargaining Is Bad
  104. Gov. Workers Pension plans
  105. I feel lied to!
  106. Boehner looks "like a fool"
  107. Arrest Warrants go out for Coward Senators!
  108. BP withholds most 2010 bonuses
  109. Shabazz??
  110. I really do hope this crap turns around sooner than later
  111. US Gov. Software Creates 'Fake People' on Social Networks
  112. Shocker: EPA air chief ignorant of atmospheric CO2 level
  113. Our Wonderful Supreme Court at work again to dismantle America
  114. I`ll say it again!!!!!
  115. Personal trainer
  116. end of america?
  117. change
  118. Fleabaggers v. Teabaggers, funny
  119. Eric Holder: Black Panther case focus demeans 'my people'
  120. Israel .
  121. Common Denominator
  122. More Chicago Politics in the School Systems
  123. Wisconson Public workers
  124. Time has come to end the tax exemptions for churches
  125. Lack of Leadership on the world stage, AGAIN!
  126. 24 Hour deadline!
  127. Multiculturalism in Retreat
  128. A little humor for today.
  129. Quote of the day.
  130. Public Employee Unions are Big Business
  131. Wisconsin Unions vs. The Tea Party: A Classic Double Standard
  132. Gingrich's Answer of What to do with the EPA
  133. Good Newsweek US policy in the Mideast analysis story.
  134. New 2 1/2 Men Show
  135. They walk among us
  136. Businesses Thrive With Low Taxes
  137. Doc being Doc.....
  138. Sweet, Rats Crying, Pissing and Moaning!!!!!!!!!
  139. Middle East is burning for freedom..........
  140. Redistribution of Wealth
  141. Freddie Mac posts $1.7B loss for Q4
  142. Bush was right!
  143. Corporations who love brutal dictators
  144. Seems like Gaddafi knows O pretty well...
  145. Military Generals used Psychops Unit tactics on our congressmen
  146. The Kenyan says "Stop Defending the Defense of Marriage Act"
  147. Guy starts own union, sues old union. Good times!!
  148. Pro-union rally sign advocates rape of conservative women
  149. Misplaced Rage?
  150. 60 years.....
  151. Kenya Question????
  152. Way to go Texas!
  153. A good read.
  154. DEMS Are Pussies
  155. Somalia prites kill all 4
  156. Dear god.....
  157. He may have EF'd an entire State, but
  158. Cool show on History channel right now
  159. Ribs and another vacation....
  160. Why is this not the U.S.????
  161. A "microcosm" of a problematic trend...
  162. Escalation in Mideast may occurr.
  163. Compensation, Performance/Results driven.
  164. Public schools no place for teachers’ kids
  165. Working Class=Minium wage while the rich get richer
  166. Here is how liberals treat our vets!
  167. Here is how one of our allies treat their citizens.
  168. Herman Cain Speaks At The Wisconsin Counter-Protest
  169. Dem. Mayor "Not acknowledging guilt"
  170. What does the future hold?
  171. Barrycare now defunded!
  172. Presidents day
  173. Medicar Fraud Bust
  174. Wisconsin Teachers
  175. What are your plans to adapt and survive....................
  176. The Rats screwing with our energy again!
  177. Got sin?
  178. American Spectator's 2012 GOP Straw Poll
  179. Cowards in Government Service
  180. satelite electric meter
  181. snopes exposed...... Obama/Kagen relationship
  182. Obamacare and Unemployment
  183. Constant Bull Shit Network
  184. Progressive insurance
  185. Hey Liberals... Argue this Governor's points.
  186. Nothing to see here either libtards....Iran's intentions are peacful!
  187. F-35 Engine? Pork or no Pork
  188. The damage obama has done
  189. Hey Libs.
  190. Obama's Budget
  191. Real ideas on our helping our economy
  192. I'm done here folks.....
  193. Forget Global Warming, Climate Change, etc
  194. Condensed History Lesson
  195. Nothing to see here...no worries libtards....we will all be ok, it's only money!
  196. Hey Liberals... Argue this HERO's points.
  197. Tell me it is not sooooo.
  198. More Proof That Global Warming Is Real
  199. Obama & The Human Stain:Or How Political Correctness Gave America a Con-ManPresident
  200. Im done here folks...
  201. Mine Safety Regulations
  202. Take the pledge....
  203. Homez
  204. Why is it always the Republicans?
  205. Trouble on the horizon for Obama ?
  206. For Grins and Giggles Useful info about each other
  207. Save the PRF!
  208. LOL LOL LOL Mubarak: I Am an Arab Warrior, Not a Community Organizer
  209. Why do you suppose registered republicans are all communists who hate the USA?
  210. Obamacare and the Supreme Court
  211. Doofus Sheriff Joe strikes at crime some more ....
  212. Medical Marijuana Issue
  213. Saudis told Con Man Obama to back Mubarak
  214. Olbermanns back
  215. Barry, how does this work?
  216. Barry Lied......again!
  217. Why Small Business Isn't Hiring and Won't Be Hiring
  218. What political / economic climate caused THIS???
  219. Do you think we have a Muslim problem ????
  220. Drone Will Call Aircraft Carriers Home
  221. Unbelievable
  222. Statement by david kay, interim progress report on the activities of the iraq ....
  223. Terrorists Among Us
  224. Somalian economy up
  225. O and the CC
  226. From one of my favorite columnists...
  227. Bill O'Reilly interviews the Kenyan
  228. Another Email...You Go Granny!
  229. Russias new stealth fighter the Pak-FA
  230. Ddrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmyyyy!!!!!
  231. HUGE oil pipeline into USA-Will Obama approve
  232. Just when you think the Kenyan can't go any lower,He digs a PIT!
  233. Reagan's Myth
  234. Governor Cuomo
  235. Big Problem :CNOOC pays $570m to buy into US oil shale operation
  236. Most Dangerous Man in America?
  237. Bobo
  238. Al Gore has now outdone himself!!!
  239. NYC mayor's undercover investigation in Arizona
  240. Senate To Vote On HC Repeal
  241. Urgent, Democrats Warn Snow Levels Mean We Must Act Now!!!
  242. Mississippi gets a new state holiday
  243. Business slows so 100 dogs shot in Canada:
  244. Another Obama Email
  245. This Sounds About Right
  246. Mr Napolitano has a new pr strategy
  247. Republican Party is $23M in debt
  248. The three branches of government?????????????
  249. Florida Judge Rules Healthcare Law UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
  250. obamacare unconstitutional