: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Senate Dems block anti-sanctuary city bill
  2. Top California official pushes ammo background checks
  3. For you IDIOT Democrats
  4. Dorothy wants to know?
  5. Does This Make You Feel Safe?
  6. Cuba thanks obummer by sending toorps to fight with Russia in Syria
  7. Liberal Democrats: If their lips are moving, then they are lying!!!
  8. CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Planted In Audience To Frame Donald Trump Narrative/Hit Job
  9. Interesting: Anti-Islam rallies across USA making Muslims wary
  10. "Kate's Law"
  11. Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news
  12. U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law
  13. The government can!
  14. Send this link to your libtarded friends that think muzzy "refugees" immigrating is..
  15. current republican politicians
  16. Does this surprise anyone at all?
  17. Five Countrys Attack Hillerys Server
  18. Vladimir Putin: Russian president takes to ice hockey rink on 63rd birthday
  19. Fire McCarthy
  20. EO Gun Ban ?? True??
  21. Now Obama says he is Jewish
  22. Iran Contra Couldn't Hold A Candle
  23. David Cameron Schools Pres. Obama
  24. Russia launches airstrikes in northern Syria
  25. A new low in science: Criminalizing climate change skeptics
  26. "Slick Willy" stepped on his....
  27. I have decided to buy a Volkswagen.
  28. The Pope is HERE!!!! Nevermind what went on at Gitmo at the SAME TIME!
  29. Hillary Clinton announces opposition to construction of Keystone XL pipeline
  30. Ahmed Mohamed’s Father
  31. Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS
  32. Planned Parenthood, the plot thickens...
  33. CNN debate, whata joke...
  34. Elusive crime wave data shows frightening toll of illegal immigrant criminals
  35. WH Wants to "Nudge" Citizens
  36. Have you seen this!
  37. Ben Carson: Illegals Should Be Given Path to Amnesty
  38. Ex-heavyweight champ Roy Jones Jr. is granted Russian citizenship
  39. Russia warns US of ‘unintended incidents’ over Syria
  40. San Francisco: Homicides Up 55%, Rapes Up 370%
  41. Obama's Foreign Policy
  42. Trump's Stance 27 yrs ago.
  43. Aflc
  44. Attention ALL voting APBA members
  45. Russia expanding its nukes
  46. Thought of the day.
  47. Labor Day Chicago Style!
  48. Muslim countries refuse to take Muslim refugees, fear terrorism
  49. Meanwhile in Sanfransicko........
  50. Liberal Group Starts Petition to Rename Ronald Reagan National Airport
  51. Nuclear deal calls for US to defend Iran against Israeli attack
  52. I can't wait to get out
  53. Obama to propose building of new icebreakers to protect US interests in Arctic
  54. We need more guys like this
  55. Mt. McKinley renaming
  56. "Arrest me!!! I'm right here!!!"
  57. Minnesota Rep Kerry Gauthier(D) Caught Having Sex w/17 Year Old Boy - See more at: ht
  58. A Terror Suspect on the 'No Fly' List Just Got His Trucking License in Minnesota
  59. Orlando Airport Opening Prayer Room for Muslim Travelers
  60. New Boat Names
  61. Trump kicks out Reporter. haha!
  62. More Cloward and Priven
  63. Black lives matter coming to a school near you
  64. FOX needs a "mute" button
  65. BLM.... Blacks duped again
  66. Liberal slant making "The Don" look bad? Say it ain't so....
  67. Who is watching the trump rally?
  68. Statement by the President on the Occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr
  69. Senate panel votes to raise California gas tax 12 cents a gallon
  70. Ya know, it's too bad.......
  71. Something else to think about ....
  72. Oh JOY!!!!
  73. Russian Memorial Commemorating the 9/11 Victims.... Who has heard of this?
  74. Instant KARMA
  75. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
  76. Interesting little read
  77. Trump tells it like it is.
  78. Cinton's Emails
  79. Even in Texas
  80. “I’m Black,Democrat & A Woman And I’ll Park Anyway I Want You Racist Bastards!”
  81. Melissa Gilbert for Congress
  82. Just another walk in the Baltimore park
  83. Gee, I never would have thought this would happen
  84. POW/MIA Flag is next ...
  85. Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Erasing Word ‘Alien’ From California’s Labor Code
  86. In Case You Missed It...
  87. Congressman Mike Rogers Introduces Bill to Get U.S. Out of UN
  88. Taxpayers screwed again in CA
  89. Megyn Kelly
  90. Only in Obama's America
  91. Debate ...
  92. Thousands Of California Convicts To Regain Voting Rights
  93. What will be the trigger point that causes OUR Countries demise?
  94. Illegals on city counsel
  95. Ben Carson and Al Sharpton?
  96. ex-DC Official Sues City
  97. What's Different Between Democrat and Socialist
  98. Has the GOP controlled congress done anything yet?
  99. And The Hits keep Coming
  100. And here we go, as if there was any doubt ...
  101. Obama's pardons ?
  102. I wish Lois Lerner played football .....
  103. No guns, non story for the liberal media
  104. Do Black Lives Matter???
  105. Bergdahl, WTF???
  106. Is OUR Country doomed?
  107. Seattle sees fallout from $15 minimum wage,
  108. Bob Beckel leaving Fox News
  109. And Just What Message Does This Send?
  110. Obama looks to ban Social Security recipients from owning guns
  111. O's Real Agenda
  112. Since Everyone is Jumping on Trump for "Dissing" McAmnesty...
  113. Hey Osama..get the fu*k out of my country..
  114. Obama turning loose convicted drug dealers/felons
  115. How bad is it???
  116. Feds Plan To Ban Biker Gangs From Wearing Logos
  117. Send 'em all West
  118. and the winner is..........................IRAN!!!
  119. Discover the Networks
  120. Pretty much sums it Up !
  121. Facts
  122. Hillary
  123. One understands what's wrong . . .
  124. Pin the Tale on the Donkey: Democrats' Horrible Racist Past | Bill Whittle
  125. Hahaha!!!
  126. Illegal Kills Woman In SFO
  127. PC Dukes of Hazard
  128. Thread posted in duplicate by error
  129. Rainbow Lights on the White House are disgusting and in poor taste....
  130. NBC is off my to do list for watching
  131. BREAKING: Fox News Comes Forward With PROOF Hillary Committed Treason in Benghazi
  132. Greek banks will not open Monday
  133. Slavery in the North? Yep, and the liberals want to bury it!!!
  134. Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies
  135. Is anyone really surprised by this?
  136. Open season on Americans now
  137. The truth about confederate history
  138. Wtf!!
  139. "Yeah Baby"
  140. We finally found her . . .
  141. The Senseless Death in a Charleston Church Could Have Been Prevented
  142. So, how's Obamacare doing financially, you ask?
  143. Oh say can you see . . .?
  144. Can you see the difference?
  145. Never let a tragedy go to waste to push your anti-gun agenda, right Obama???
  146. TPA passes the House.
  147. Is Trump what this Country needs?
  148. Feds accused of pushing ‘utopias’ in wealthy neighborhoods with diversity regs
  149. I want to be a black man.
  150. ABC 7 years ago, NYC would be flooded by 2015
  151. shariah law here... LAST year???
  152. EPA calls for regulating emissions from US airliners
  153. US Embassy moves Fourth of July Celebration to June 4 'out of respect for Ramadan'
  154. The Pool Party, the Truth the Media Won't Show You.
  155. Riots break out at MetLife Stadium
  156. America Air Drops Weapons To ISIS, By Mistake... Yea.. RIGHT!!!
  157. Whose Liberal Knickers Can We Get in A Bunch Today?
  158. Ooops ? Yea right ....
  159. An Opinion of the State of Africa
  160. Obama said
  161. Get ready for more riots and looting!!!
  162. ATTN: JIMSPLACE... are all Dems idiots? or am i missing something?
  163. Obama to Push for Reparations in 2016
  164. Won't California parents be so proud . . .?
  165. Are they admitting they screwed up?
  166. Dennis Hastert going down.
  167. It just doesn't fit the Anti-Gun Agenda... Even from the FBI
  168. Simply Amazing
  169. So . . . Who really Killed Christopher Stevens?
  170. Reporter Asks Dem 2016 Candidate if 90 Percent Tax Is ‘Obviously Too High’
  171. Maine Just Put Welfare Leeches In Their Place
  172. White House Recommends More Gun Control Due to Chicago and Baltimore Shootings
  173. Killary secures her spot in the democrat nomination for sure with this . . .
  174. California #1 for the 11th year in a row!
  175. Students Blame Boehner for Deflategate
  176. LA Considers Shifting Responsibility Of Sidewalk Repairs To Homeowners
  177. Court wont lift ban on immigration
  178. How's that wonderful libby socialist government working out for you?
  179. Arizona Passes Two Bills Aimed At Blocking Federal Laws
  180. Texas Mayor Refuses to Apologize to Muslims for Town’s New “Islamophobic” Law
  181. White lives matter
  182. Paid Ferguson Protesters Demand Their Back Wages From ACORN and Soros
  183. Homeland Security Chief: My Job Is To “Give Voice To The Plight Of Muslims”
  184. So I was........
  185. US intel knew about weapons going from Benghazi to Syria
  186. Obama announces restrictions on distribution of military-style equipment to police
  187. The JV Team again: “Our goal is killing Obama and the worshipers of the cross”
  188. Hillary & Bill Clinton - Evil Corruption Exposed!
  189. The Amtrak wreck and who are the libtards blaming?
  190. Obama Just Got Kicked in the Balls
  191. I just got this cool email.
  192. Americans must face the fact that today’s Democratic Party is evil
  193. The President of the Muncie chapter of the NAACP was busted selling coke
  194. How China Deals with Muzzies
  195. Happy Mother's Day!!!
  196. Elton John pleads with congress for more AIDs research. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  197. Republicans taking care of business
  198. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan offers solution to global warming
  199. Wonder no more . . .
  200. Obama Admin Comes Up With New Economic Plan
  201. Thanks Liberals.
  202. Floodplain executive order: Latest Obama power grab
  203. Asylum is 'secret password' for immigrants looking to enter US, say critics
  204. Guilty by association
  205. Yea right ! Shit ain't flyin here !
  206. Those evil Kochs vs Killary
  207. Cloward-Priven if full motion now
  208. Clinton calls for path to 'full and equal citizenship' for illegal immigrants
  209. A friend just sent me this
  210. Coming To A Neighborhood Near You
  211. 50 years of failure
  212. NYPD Officer
  213. Ben Carson announces he's running
  214. Democrats celebrate
  215. A Solution for California's Water Woes
  216. Iran navy harassed US-flagged vessel
  217. Ex-Muslim: Koran Revealed a Religion I Did Not Like
  218. Is PG At it Again Or Just another Hateful Servicemen Hater?
  219. BLS Claims that 1 in 5 Families Has No One Employed
  220. A French Soldier's View of US Soldiers in Afghanistan
  221. Iran Intercepts Cargo Ship
  222. Alex Jones Infowars
  223. Baltimore Mayor: We ‘Gave Those Who Wished to Destroy Space to Do That’
  224. "The Democratic Party isn't unified right now, it's coming apart, you can see it's...
  225. My Islamic Faith Prevents Me From Paying Interest on My Student Loans
  226. Liberals Ruining Another Christian Business
  227. The Dirty 10
  228. Democrats Hold Massive Rally for Hillary
  229. I want to here Hillary's explantion of this:
  230. You got your food stamps yet?
  231. The One that has the Liberal Democrats Scared to Death
  232. Another DOJ Refusal...
  233. Only 35% Think Obamacare Should Be Repealed
  234. Obama's Approval Rating Tied With Reagan
  235. I'm confused? Do they want equality or not?
  236. Powers: There Is a ‘Movement on the Left to Just Silence People’
  237. What's the cost of Obamacare and Illegals free mecical, you ask?
  238. Liberal Brainwashed Students Support Hillary Clinton Because She is a Woman
  239. Hillary Criticizes High CEO Pay, Charges $300K Per Speech
  240. There's A Reality
  241. Government Growth Under Obama
  242. Americans were asked
  243. Aircraft carrier headed to intercept weapons from Iran
  244. Barack Says Michelle Needs Money for Being First Lady
  245. Faith based politicians - something for everyone
  246. Study Finds Illegals Pay More Taxes Than All The Righties In The PRF, Combined!
  247. LIberals rejoice! She's their best!!!
  248. Ted cruz on gun rights
  249. How many americn citizes do the republican support? Not you or me.
  250. Obama and his War on Women