: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Strike 3 for Doc Carson
  2. Gannon and Friday school the inept.
  3. Hillary Lies about her Grandparants.....
  4. Bush 41 Met With Osama's Brother Before 9/11
  5. The Republicans tried to warn us, but we just wouldn't listen.
  6. TPP and Fast Track
  7. Governor Requires Food Stamp Recipients to Work 6 Hours a Week, Guess what happens..?
  8. Who Schooled Obama?
  9. Liberal teachers and liberal schools....
  10. Sounds Like A Plan!
  11. Profound. Simple. True
  12. Latest video from the JV team ISIS
  13. Missile delivery
  14. Clinton Foundation donations land Hillary in hot water
  15. Winston Churchill's words on Islam
  16. We Want Our America Back
  17. #stophillary
  18. 5 Scientific, Peer Reviewed Studies Prove
  19. SC shooting
  20. The Woman Who Could Be on $20 Bills
  21. Judge Reduces Child Rapist’s Sentence by 15 Years Says, He ‘Didn’t Mean to Hurt’.....
  22. This is for the Dems...
  23. but, what about pre-existing conditions?
  24. “As New York City goes,” Dromm said, “so goes the rest of the world.”
  25. They are clean people also.... the religion of peace
  26. "Religion of peace" in Obama's home country.
  27. Goosebumps
  28. This Explains Questions You Might Have About Allah
  29. Now we are paying to import the illeagal's
  30. 11 former Atlanta educators jailed for test cheating scandal
  31. Conundrum
  32. obama's rage against the military explained
  33. Denial = Ignorance
  34. Once again !
  35. Once again !
  36. Carlson Jet, Please Explain
  37. Yes It Does!
  38. The Quran, the Bible, and the Islamic Dilemma
  39. Students barred from campus event because they're white
  40. German Wings Copilot a muzzy?
  41. Perfect for the welfare crowd !
  42. Bergdahl charged with desertion
  43. Pamela Geller - The Threat of Radical Islam
  44. Gov Moon Beam: Ted Cruz ‘absolutely unfit’ to run for office
  45. So..... I am a "racist"...
  46. Did you hear the one . . .
  47. Two 'LIBS' are sitting at a bar-
  48. Another one.... ignored for the most part by the lame stream media
  49. One nation under Allah, More Attempted Brainwashing
  50. 1,022 well sourced examples
  51. Evil in the Eye of the Beholder
  52. Hillary Is the ‘Most Admired Woman in America'
  53. Obama floats making voting mandatory, calling it 'potentially transformative'
  54. You're FIRED!!
  55. Any surprises here?
  56. Losers and winners make up this world
  57. Finally a real explanation!
  58. Valerie Jarrett Leaked Hillary’s Private Email Use
  59. Is this Michelle Obama’s weenie?
  60. new Laws I'd like to see...
  61. One down - 49 to go!
  62. Barack and Michelle Obama Fly to California on the Same Day…on Separate Planes
  63. petition to charge 47 senators with treason
  64. LA Public School Teaching Kids "Allah is the One True God"
  65. Vitter Seeks To Attach Amendment Ending Birthright Citizenship
  66. Hillary speaks
  67. The most segregated time in America....
  68. American Flag Was BANNED at This University
  69. The perfect home for liberals...
  70. No whites allowed
  71. You guys get your taxes done yet?
  72. AFDI Inaugural Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit and $10,000 Cartoon Contest
  73. 'The Third Jihad' Film Attacked by Terror-Linked CAIR
  74. Breaking news
  75. The power of the media . . .
  76. Why ?
  77. Boody Sunday
  78. Merle Haggard
  79. Pack "O" lies
  80. NYC schools will start observing Muslim holidays next year
  81. Never see this on the news !
  82. Muslim Costco employee refuses to touch pork; sues after getting transferred....
  83. Size of government ?
  84. Dysfunctional Senate...
  85. Coming soon to a town near you ...
  86. Patriots Stand Up
  87. Going on in England
  88. Colleges using coffers for financial aid to illegal immigrants
  89. Anybody remember Dragnet
  90. An analogy
  91. 12 Y/O kid schools obama on love for america and terrorism
  92. Taqiyya
  93. Did anyone watch the big game yesterday?
  94. Tea Partier Creates AWESOME Response to “Coexist” Bumper Sticker Crowd
  95. I just keep on preppin
  96. FCC approves sweeping Internet regulation plan, Obama accused of meddling
  97. What'd she say???
  98. "President Barack Obama and President Abraham Lincoln are locked in a parallel path
  99. Deliberate Fraud in Free Government Cell Phone Program
  100. Five Signs the World is Now On the Cusp of All Out War
  101. Global Warming
  102. Report: Defense cuts degrading military, US no longer able to fight 2 wars at same ti
  103. Kayla Mueller
  104. What great news!!!!!
  105. VA Secretary Robert McDonald a Perfect Fit
  106. I didn't know this.
  107. Islamic Terrorist call for attacks on American shopping malls.
  108. Video Surfaces Of Obama Mocking Jesus & The Bible, Watch Before It’s Taken Down
  109. What Are You Missing?
  110. America is a Racist Nation
  111. Hildabeast donation issues...
  112. Satire of "Liberal Chick"
  113. Pictures we can and can not see
  114. Obama administration sent 800,000 HealthCare.gov customers wrong tax info
  115. JV Team?
  116. Gotta love Eagle's
  117. Last days?
  118. Gutierrez Warns of Unprecedented Immigrant 'Militancy' After Anti-Amnesty Ruling
  119. Miss. gov backs immigration-enforcement proposal
  120. Afroman in the News
  121. It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale
  122. 1st step towards "smackdown"
  123. State Department spokeswoman floats jobs as answer to ISIS
  124. Kiss your AP Ammo goodbye
  125. Coming soon from the healthcare.gov losers
  126. Obama.... Are you kidding me!!!
  127. How about our great leader surrendering in Yemen?
  128. Now why would you give 10's of millions amnesty?
  129. Best Political Sign Of The Year
  130. Incase you missed it.....
  131. Al Gore vs. Al Jazeera
  132. It just don't add up to me ...
  133. Obamacare Experiment
  134. Obama..Christians and Jesus are the instigators ...
  135. Democrats threaten DHS shutdown...
  136. Brian Williams sincere apology for telling an out right lie.
  137. IRS Commissioner Confirms Amnestied Illegals Can Claim Tax Benefits for Illegal Work
  138. How about our Liar in Chief?
  139. Polititians !!!!!!
  140. ISIS (Islamic Terrorists) do it again
  141. Exxon-chevron has new jobs
  142. Obama "Once Again" Definds his Core Religion
  143. Honoring POTUS on merit
  144. Loretta Lynch nomination gathering GOP support
  145. New border patrol for river, killer catfish
  146. Texas lawmaker under fire for Facebook post on Muslim Capitol Day
  147. Mooochelle snubbed by the Saudis
  148. WOW.....Another Puppet
  149. Good Lord!!!!!
  150. Jihadi John MEMES
  151. Maine Gov. Paul LePage is on a welfare-reform crusade
  152. The Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight
  153. Rand Pauls State of The union Response
  154. Would he really lie?????
  155. Arizona gets it right!
  156. Pipeline leak in Montana...
  157. Libtards
  158. President of firsts . . .
  159. I love this woman
  160. Senator’s husband stands to profit big from government deal
  161. boohoo
  162. And it begins ......
  163. Three Things About Islam
  164. Good article on why the west is losing the war on terror
  165. Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Meeting To Address 'Appalling' All-White Oscar Nom...
  166. Brigitte on Terror In Paris
  167. No More Negative Posts About Muslims. Possible Jail Time
  168. Coming out???
  169. Three Black Men Kill a 79 Y/O White Woman For Her Purse
  170. If this is the JV league ?
  171. Obama Fails Again...
  172. Obamacare W2 reporting
  173. Lol, "x26"
  174. GOP - Power in the money, money in the power, minute after minute, hour after hour...
  175. Same Old Status Quo!!
  176. Obama Wants to Make Community College Free for ‘Those Willing to Work for It’
  177. 751
  178. Conundrum
  179. CBS - U.S. was hotter than average in 2014 for 18th straight year
  180. Main Stream Media - Now you see it, now you don't.....
  181. What Koranimals Do To Liberals
  182. Government employee fired after skipping work for 24 years
  183. Libtards
  184. Thank Trayvon & Brown supporters for a lack of protection
  185. Which is it?
  186. "New" Senate business...
  187. Selma
  188. Obama, world's smartest man
  189. Chicago Hypocrite
  190. Here Are The "Whys" The GOP Establishment Shouldn't Put Up Jeb Bush
  191. The Active Denial System: Riot Control
  192. Poor Californians
  193. A Song to Irritate Our Liberal Friends
  194. Ever wonder????????
  195. Ca passes boat licencing for operators
  196. Obama Makes Bride Move Wedding
  197. Jason Riley
  198. Ever Heard of Warren Wilhelm Jr.?
  199. We need to empathize with America's enemies.
  200. Still believe we're in recovery?
  201. Untrained, unpaid volunteers driving vehicles in presidential motorcade
  202. new pair of shoes
  203. Giberish ... You're a Racist!!!
  204. Obama’s nominee for Pentagon post implicated in alleged theft of CIA documents
  205. Two miles from Fergeson...
  206. Lost quite a few brothers and sisters in 2014
  207. Liberal Jouurnalism is the fueling gasoline and holding the match!
  208. Rare Decent Piece from CNN
  209. FBI alert this morning
  210. Mayor Bill de Blasio---Blowback
  211. Now here's a movie I'd like to see
  212. Getting a Fat IRS Refund this year ?
  213. Breathe Easy, Don't Break the Law T Shrit
  214. Cuba - another bad deal
  215. More lies and deception
  216. Murthy, Just What the Dr Ordered?
  217. Obamacide?
  218. Monday Chuckles...
  219. 16 more reasons why I hate....
  220. A Teacher's Rendition of Blacks in Inner City Schools
  221. CIA Releasing of Controverisal Data
  222. Finding it Hard to choke down his own shit ?
  223. Micheal Brown Special
  224. To Protect and Serve
  225. "Stupid" American voters???
  226. Mary had a little Ram....
  227. New Ambassador to Hungary
  228. North Dakota takes Major Steps in the Right Direction!!!
  229. Liberals against the Conservatives in Louisiana
  230. USA NOT #1 anymore...
  231. Holder meddling in state affairs again.
  232. I Guess They'll Riot in NY now
  233. Texas leads lawsuit by 17 states against Obama immigration actions
  234. National debt clock
  235. Teen suspect charged as adult in hammer beating death of South City man
  236. Democrat Party Boss and Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins, Sr. urges Democrats to commit...
  237. White House urges body cameras for police after Ferguson
  238. He's at it again !
  239. SL Rams
  240. Confirmation is nice . . .
  241. Cali's AB 1014
  242. Muchas Gracias pinche Barskas
  243. Defense Secretary pick will be a challenge for Obama
  244. A Little Common Sense From An Unusual Source
  245. From an / a 83 yr old BLACK war vet...
  246. Nasty Filthy Animals
  247. Fairly important facts that escape "them."
  248. How many ways can you spell Obama....
  249. Grand Jury declines to indict...
  250. Close Enough!!!