: Political Rhetoric

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  1. SNL Gets it RIGHT!...School House Rock!
  2. Barack Hussien Obama: "“But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact."
  3. A little light reading for ya...
  4. Now good ol Issa is gonna chop some heads
  5. No Network coverage for the Emperor!
  6. Good ole Bill.....?
  7. Worth Watching
  8. To hell with the USA and its Legal Sytem and You Taxpayers..
  9. Obamacare. Not working for us
  10. And for those on the Lower Colorado River
  11. The Liberal Free Utopia is killing America
  12. Na, Nothing Racist About This...
  13. The polls do not support troops on the ground!
  14. Contact your GOP leaders
  15. Gotta admit though. He's damn good !
  16. NJ College Student Sues Estranged Parents for Tuition Money ... and Wins!
  17. Jonathan Gruber " Academic Liar Elitist"
  18. keystome pipeline approved
  19. I hate O and the libby lunatics for a lot of reasons but this one is right at the top
  20. No shame from the lying [email protected]#$
  21. Putin pokes the West with massive news outlet launch, bomber flights
  22. What are Repubs up to?
  23. DMV extends office hours for first-time driver’s license applicants
  24. Mary, Mary, Mary... HEIL Mary!!!
  25. China spits in our eye AGAIN!!
  26. Hey Congress.. You have an unpleasant job to do!
  27. Hahahaha!
  28. Common Core? 6th Graders Taught How to Use Strap-On Dildo
  29. Thank you to all of the brave men and women. We Salute You!.
  30. Thanks...
  31. Flight 370
  32. How we are treating our Leader-according to a Canadian
  33. Affordable Care Act was always a lie!! Really, say it aint so!!
  34. The Kenyan savior !!!
  35. Obama: 'I’m going to do what I need to do' on immigration
  36. Loretta Lynch to be the next U.S. Attorney General---- First Back Female
  37. Solve an issue Lady? (Michael Browns mother)
  38. ‘Political’ pull? Border figures posted, removed month before election
  39. The Meltdown
  40. Putin Beats Obama on Forbes' 'Most Powerful' List
  41. Ben Carson
  42. Now THis?
  43. It's a beautiful day in the USA!
  44. Wondering Why?
  45. GOP kicks ass!!!!
  46. Go vote
  47. Marine released from Mexico
  48. License, ID card policies stir concerns over illegal immigrants voting
  49. Christie tells ignorant protester off
  50. How Democrats Win Elections
  51. Secret Service and Their Latest Catch... er Harrassment.
  52. Marine Dad Banned From School After Complaining About Islam Assignment
  53. Lurker says hello
  54. White House tries to ease flare-up over Netanyahu insults
  55. You have Ebola? No matter, come on in!!!
  56. Elizabeth Warren is a Democrats' Democrat!!!
  57. Hearing the ISIS JV Team
  58. The N double A CP
  59. No Keystone Pipeline?
  60. Unions kil a plant in Palmdale
  61. O....Canada
  62. Detroit officials bristle at UN visit, scolding over water shut-offs
  63. Order for millions of blank work permits, green cards raising amnesty concerns
  64. Surprising perspective from MLK niece
  65. Justices allow Texas use of new voter ID law
  66. pay as you go road tax coming to CA
  67. Number 4, Here We Go.
  68. Obama has got this
  69. Hunter Biden booted out of Navy
  70. Gotta Luv It...
  71. Political Humor ( may be not / truth hurts )
  72. Great Example of Pure Liberal Class
  73. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  74. Obala
  75. Democrat showing his true colors in Phoenix
  76. Can't make it up....
  77. Oregon ‘first lady’ cops to green-card ‘marriage of convenience’ in exchange for $5G
  78. If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan!
  79. UPDATE: Obama to designate San Gabriel Mountains a national monument
  80. Harvard students say US bigger threat to world peace than ISIS
  81. Want Add For New Attorney General
  82. DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens
  83. What you may not know about Koch industries . . .
  84. Have you noticed
  85. Ebola, coming to a town near you?
  86. Beheading in Moore, OK
  87. Faux at it's finest...
  88. Attorney general eric holder to announce he's stepping down
  89. Libby's just F everything up don't they?
  90. Az voters, re: Prop 304
  91. Obama learns about Perl Harbor
  92. Is barack obama incompetent?*
  93. CBS Sports Rejects Ad Featuring Child Reciting Pledge Of Allegiance As Too Political
  94. The only man on earth...
  95. Russian and Chinese current goals make engaging ISIS a mistake.
  96. Do you ever see or hear anything positive going on in the world?
  97. Please give great thought........
  98. Two words oblameo didn't say
  99. TEA Party?? Why not?
  100. Please ignore perry / ram new concept
  101. Here is a Good Reason to Concealed Carry
  102. Here's full blown racism!!
  103. Do you think the racist Holder went to the hospital?
  104. 7 yr Prediction made by Bush
  105. Our last standing resident liberal . . .
  106. How does she get away with this sh...
  107. WTF.............Jimmy
  108. Goodbye Europe, Welcome Radical Islam
  109. Backdoor school voucher program
  110. Dont mess with nuclear Russia
  111. AAAhhhhh ha ha ha ha, what a DICK.... BUT then we all knew that 6 yrs ago...
  112. CA #1 "Least tax friendly State"
  113. Hey media, STFU
  114. Pelosium
  115. No Loyalty Among Scumbags
  116. Cali's “Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement Act” is here!
  117. CA Lib thinking
  118. What if ?????????????????????????
  119. California bill bans Confederate flag sales on state property
  120. Question
  121. Gee O broke another law it seems
  122. Media and the mob.
  123. Has Anyone Noticed?
  124. Dr. Ben Carson
  125. Are COPs stupid or just lazy?
  126. Just a little more libby retaliation
  127. Caption this . . .
  128. Ferguson Mo..
  129. obama w/o make up....wow
  130. True Islam
  131. Operation Choke Poiint
  132. More IRS crap
  133. NJ Town Upset Over Name Change From ‘Kennedy Center’ to ‘Obama Center'
  135. There goes that theory . . .
  136. Hawaii gov ousted in Dem primary, Senate race too close to call
  137. Seems I'm not alone . . .??
  138. Assad must go....
  139. Democrats Going Nuts
  140. I knew I smelled a rat....
  141. Bring back Jay Carney
  142. 40,000 non muzzy lives at stake
  143. great song
  144. NBC White House Correspondent lets slip the truth about Obam
  145. WHERE DID THE $$ GO? Audit finds $619B gap in federal spending site
  146. Edible Arrangements - Muslim Owned - Give to Islamic Extreemism
  147. Calling out Obama's lie's
  148. Mexican jailed Marine...
  149. Who is actually the "Party of NO?"
  150. Its just a coincidence
  151. Hey Ebola, Welcome to America
  152. CSPAN torture
  153. Jesse Ventura
  154. Indians dont like Ted... Really
  155. Killary's book is a smash hit!
  156. More missing weapons
  157. Federal judge rules DC ban on gun carry rights unconstitutional
  158. Well well well...lookie over here
  159. 39% approval for the clown in chief
  160. Kinda liking this new artwork
  161. 47 Mil to Gaza ???
  162. Senate allocates 87 million
  163. Clowerd Piven explanes it all
  164. Those Were the Days.
  165. mexicans witha 50 cal.?
  166. obama warns Russia and separatists
  167. Shoot down...
  168. Which state do you live in?
  169. What has happened with the David Patreaus scandel?
  170. Homeless veterans with mental health and medical problems can not get VA help but....
  171. Eric Holder at it again.
  172. More O supporters jumping ship
  173. Urdu-to-English dictionary found near Mexican border
  174. The sheep are starting to revolt
  175. And the Trator Returns to Active Duty
  176. What can we do to stop the madness?
  177. Guess Which Religious Group OVERWHELMING Applauds Obama’s Job Performance
  178. for christs sake, tell it like it is
  179. Mexico made deal to send more illegal aliens to the US
  180. Getting close to the Elections
  181. Texas Will be Blue
  182. Laura Ingraham on illegal immigration
  183. Me and a Mexican
  184. Palin says impeach him
  185. Terrorism?
  186. What a failure
  187. Australia morphing into Islamic war zone
  188. 4th of July in Chicago...
  189. Good Bless America...
  190. Here's your hope and change in a nutshell . . .
  191. If obama really was
  192. Worst since w w 2
  193. Obama to act on immagration without congress
  194. oblamo at it again... Immigration
  195. Supreme Court backs Hobby Lobby in contraceptive mandate challenge
  196. Supreme Court rules against unions in home healthcare worker case
  197. Detroit Cuts Off Water to Thousands Who Have Past-Due Bills
  198. Holy Drowning Polar Bears
  199. New perfume, and it stinks!..
  200. New perfume...(and it stinks!)
  201. Damn Libtards... Why is this "NEWS"???
  202. Mexican Chopper Crosses Into AZ, Fires on U.S. Border Patrol Agents
  203. Obama to issue EO granting clemancy to illegals
  204. Maybe the first chip in the wall??
  205. Did Boehner grow some balls ?
  206. Is there a lawyer in the house???
  207. Missing email?
  208. where's our money?
  209. Discussion on Islam vs. Radical Islam
  210. Praise Allah
  211. Just checking back in
  212. LameO at it again!
  213. And sometimes the truth
  214. send em back TODAY!!!
  215. George H W Bush Skydives on 90th birthday
  216. The Left Coast
  217. Eric Cantor, first major casualty of the beltway Republicans.
  218. Hillary Clinton says family 'dead broke' after White House
  219. Those Evil Koch Brothers are at it Again!!!
  220. Economist: U.S. Banks Preparing to Charge Customers For Deposits
  221. CA Bill Demands Verbal or Written Consent for Sex
  222. How do you Impeach a President?
  223. Obama working out in Poland
  224. Dems trying to end free speech!!!!!!!!!
  225. Barry Soetoro
  226. Five for One - WTF! POTUS AGAIN says FU to Congress & Americans!
  227. California senate passes $13 minimum wage for 2017
  228. Obama says goodbye to White House press secretary
  229. A Month of Islam in Britain
  230. One more leaving California
  231. More VA shit...
  232. What race are you?
  233. Adult Protective Services
  234. I lost
  235. Top investigation in the justice dept.
  236. POTUS makes surprise visit to Afghanistan
  237. Karma
  238. Quickjet the new Snoc ?
  239. Pitfalls of working with white people!!!
  240. House committee approves bill that would end door-to-door mail for 15 million people
  241. The Mentality of a Democrat
  242. Obama Announces Plans For A Third Term Presidential Run -
  243. Traitors
  244. let's be honest about the NEW democrap party
  245. Barak HUSSEIN Obama and the VA Scandal
  246. Debate Winners, "Common Core" Style
  247. Example of Health Care at 1 company since 2009
  248. Meanwhile, back at the Kremlin...
  249. More Diversion from our Liars in Office
  250. Do these guys "farm out"???