: Political Rhetoric

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  1. ObamaCare contractor pays employees to do nothing, whistleblower says
  2. Trey Gowdy shames the media. I love it!
  3. Russia casts doubt on US' future with the ISS over Ukraine sanctions
  4. France facing pressure from US over warship deal with Russia
  5. Rand Paul----> WTF???
  6. Famous Presidential Lies
  7. CA Sen. Introduces Bill To Test Out Taxing Motorists For Every Mile They Drive
  8. Benghazi "select committee"...
  9. Well I never . . .
  10. A us marine needs our help getting out of a mexican prison
  11. Today on FOX
  12. Is This You RAM???
  13. Democrats: At what cost to Americans you ask???
  14. Econmy Doing Better My ASS
  15. Trey Gowdy
  16. Far surpasses Bush
  17. Taking a Toll: Administration wants to let states charge on interstate highways
  18. Union Hypocrisy at its Finest
  19. You Non-Conformists !
  20. It's the LAW
  21. are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Rep. Grimm arrested in New York
  23. Stunning Move — Is Toyota Planning On Leaving Torrance For Texas?
  24. Illinois Dems back off $100 million push for Obama library following outrage
  25. New angle on Gun Control....
  26. Oregon ditching state run Obamacare site and going to federal site
  27. George Clooney Rips Las Vegas Casino Mogul in Defense of ‘Longtime Friend’ Obama
  28. HEADS UP!!! Obama Hires Top Criminal Defense Attorney
  29. BLM Land Grab in Texas - 90,000 Acres
  30. Where Your Tax Money Goes
  31. Liberal Hypocracy and Taxs/Fees
  32. Obama budget proposal
  33. Report: Jeb Bush on Board of Directors of Pro-Obamacare Company
  34. Oh My – “Less Than Half Of Obamacare Enrollees Have Paid”
  35. News to me........
  36. fire all the feds
  37. NRA Protesters Interviewed
  38. Ben Carson
  39. Mike and Molly
  40. You decide if we are in trouble . . .
  41. The Vitriol of the Left
  42. Did your health care premiums go down $2500. as promised?
  43. lol
  44. Obama Threatens to Veto Bill That Will Force Him to Live Under Obama Care
  45. He seems to be right on track!!
  46. Inside jay Carneys house
  47. Bundy Ranch Next Ruby Ridge?
  48. Hildabeast dodges shoe
  49. Another Rat Jumps Ship
  50. Geoengineering and chemtrails
  51. Lookey here Vern !
  52. Breaking News President Obama's budget
  53. Dont go to this funeral
  54. Surprise ? Really ? A Suprise ???
  55. State Department Missing $6B
  56. Jeb Bush = Pathetic Loser
  57. Holder!!
  58. Muslims = Stupid
  59. Democrat Congressman Says Congress is Underpaid
  60. Obama’s ‘Champion Of Change’ Amnesty Advocate Indicted For What Else? Immigration Fra
  61. Inmates getting coverage under ObamaCare, as states shift cost to feds
  62. Obama Wanting to Lift 30 Year Old Restrictions for Libians to....
  63. ObamaCare makes it more difficult to buy insurance year-round
  64. Government Health Care..Let the Human Experiments begin
  65. More "Workplace Violence" At Fort Hood
  66. See the Irony???
  67. More Benghazi
  68. Dixon Diaz and Libtards
  69. UN report: Sweeping Effects on Continents and Oceans from Global Warming
  70. extention to O care sign up
  71. Party of the rich: In Congress, it's the Democrats
  72. Trey Gowdy
  73. Insanity
  74. CA Governor Brown
  75. Down with the Second Amendment
  76. Russian Incursion is US's Fault
  77. Good ol Harry Reid
  78. Another Yee Buddy Arrested! Keith Jackson Arrested - Murder For Hire Scheme!
  79. Just a survey
  80. Mayor of Charlotte arrested on public corruption charges
  81. Report: Sen. Leland Yee arrested on bribery, corruption charges
  82. Jimmy Carter believes U.S. is spying on him
  83. Making a Living the Democrat Way
  84. Bill Clinton Voodoo doll
  85. Guess Who's Setting Up Shop In Our Backyard
  86. Fred Phelps Sr dies...
  87. Time to withdraw from NATO!
  88. Here's A Nice Website For Lib Education
  89. Romney Hit's It Out Of The Park
  90. Constitutional Violation Ares Armor
  91. Would the Soviet Union ever have laughed and openly mocked Reagan?
  92. $100B withdrawal from US Treasury bills hints at Russian move
  93. The Russia thing
  94. 100% PROOF: That Michelle Obama IS A MAN!!
  95. Mouth of the South
  96. Lindsey Graham - Hot Mic
  97. Rep Trey Gowdy- Enforce the Law Act
  98. Girl finally using her brain instead of using it as a hat rack
  99. Kelly is Hot, Gowdy Rocks an obama sucks.
  100. The other side of the coin
  101. Feinstein has her panties in a bunch
  102. And the Hits keep a comming
  103. racist? You decide
  104. Kim Jong-un calls for execution of 33 Christians
  105. China draws 'red line' on North Korea, says won't allow war on peninsula
  106. Nice little read
  107. Obama Taking a FL Keys Golf Vacation This Weekend
  108. Where can I get one of these EBT cards
  109. Obama cant spell RESPECT
  110. Oregon has spent $304,000,000 on Obamacare with out "One" successful sign up.
  111. Court: School was within its rights to ban U.S. flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo
  112. Obama and Chris Christie
  113. Putin vs Obama
  114. Obama Threatens Several Governors: 'I Do Not Trust You'
  115. Trade Sanctions Against Russia
  116. 2nd Amendment, Just Because I can!!!
  117. So God Made a Liberal
  118. Putin gets permission to use Russian military in Ukraine
  119. Another record for the Kenyan
  120. Another Country Letting Us Know How They Feel
  121. CT State Police Spokesman Says – They Would Participate In Door To Door Gun Confiscat
  122. Planned Parenthood Promotes Sado-Masochist Sex to Youth
  123. Time Line of Phony IRS Scandal
  124. Senile Harry, wanna be Hitler, Reid
  125. Holder Hospitalized
  126. Harvard writer: Abolish free speech
  127. Cindy Sheehan for Gov of Cali
  128. Couple who found gold coins will likely have to pay almost half in tribute.
  129. Tax Refund?
  130. No Evidence Man is Responsible For Global Warming
  131. If We Did This Here, Libtards Heads Would Explode!!!
  132. Dick Law anyone hear of this?? (no joke o the name but not what you think)
  133. Piers Mrogan Fired
  134. More Proposed Gasoline Taxes
  135. Another politician above the law
  136. Is this predictable?
  137. Detroit, first of more to come I suspect.
  138. Another California Dem In Trouble?
  139. Suing for $961.64/day pension already has $756.16/day
  140. Judge strikes down Nebraska law that allowed Keystone pipeline to proceed through sta
  141. “Subhuman Mongrel”
  142. Sandy Hook
  143. Sills finally fired.
  144. Speaking of Illiinois...
  145. So Att General Holder..........
  146. Hey R&J, This one of yours?
  147. Hey GOP...here's your chance to shine...
  148. Who really buys these elections????
  149. Scared straight, liberal arts edition.
  150. The new adds are coming out.
  151. Well California is it true???????
  152. The $12,000 Dress and the Facial Expression to Go With It!!!
  153. Tennessee VW plant becomes battleground for union push to expand
  154. Food for thought
  155. Companies Must Now Swear to IRS That Layoffs are not Obama's fault
  156. Dont call the IRS
  157. ‘Gun control’ advocates' arrests highlight irony and hypocrisy
  158. Liberals ramp up war on women
  159. Another Obamacare FAIL, Millions Fall Through the Cracks
  160. ObamaCare’s marriage penalty: Unmarried couples to pay less than married couples
  161. So I was preparing for my taxes....
  162. Anyone here like Queen Latifah?
  163. How long
  164. Another example of why respect for CHP and other cops are at an all time low.
  165. Military-style attack on California power station
  166. OMG, politicians really do lie!!
  167. The Whitehouse on crack
  168. CA College Students Sign Petition To Imprison/Kill Gun Owners
  169. 6 Against 2, Yea, That's Fair
  170. Shameful...
  171. Chief of Police Harassed by Feds, Placed on Leave.....
  172. Mother Nature wasn't enough - now algore wants to be GOD!
  173. Obama Rated as 5th Best President in History...
  174. BARACK OBAMA: Celebrity or President?
  175. Lie Witness News - State of the Union Edition
  176. Gotta Love Uncle Joe
  177. Congressional Approval Poll
  178. So It Made It to a Sultry 26 F Today...
  179. An alternative plan?
  180. State of the Union!!
  181. A Message From the First Lady
  182. Msnbc..
  183. Obama Asked What is He Most Concerned About....
  184. Obama's America
  185. So let's re-cap. How's America doing with unemployment??
  186. The Kenyan responds to his disastrous approval ratings.
  187. ObamaCare death debt? States can seize assets to recoup Medicaid costs
  188. Admin: O-care Problems To Bankrupt Ins Co.
  189. Joshua Black Says Obama Should Be Hanged For War Crimes And That's RACIST!!!
  190. Man I dig this chick
  191. King of New York
  192. Practice Makes Perfect!!!
  193. Go Cali!!!
  194. Reverse Oppression?? = Anti-white
  195. "This is my money" Parody of "This is my body" by Chicks on the Right
  196. Jimmy Kimmel Savages ObamaCare and Uninformed Young People Who Support It
  197. Asef Mohammad Caught in Pipe at Water Treatment Plant In New Jersey!
  198. 4 simple questions from a reputable attorney
  199. Another milestone for O and his clown posse
  200. More lies
  201. Happy Birthday to the 1st Lady
  202. word of the day
  203. Communism is good for the Environment
  204. More Liberal Pride bursts forth!!!
  205. Tired of the race card!
  206. The End of Barack Obama?
  207. Rev. Wright of trinity church in chicago
  208. Benghazi again
  209. America is not #1......losers
  210. Ready for Hillary?
  211. Obangya picks Ex panther for Justice Dept ?
  212. Rouhani: World powers ‘surrendered’ to Iran with nuclear deal
  213. Shall we compare productivity then and now?
  214. United States Code
  215. Half of Members of Congress are Millionaires…Democrats Worth more than Republicans
  216. Liberal Media Bias
  217. As ye sow, so shall ye reap
  218. Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air: Agree, or Disagree?
  219. The Difference Between a Scandal and Policy Issues
  220. Check this out
  221. I call BS on Christie
  222. Makes perfect sense to me........
  223. Kentucky Democratic Lawmaker (LIBTARD) Accidentally Fires Her Gun in Capitol Office
  224. Imagine that... If you stop paying them not to work they get jobs.
  225. Sheila Jackson Lee and welfare
  226. How far can this president go to destroy America go, you ask?
  227. Illegal Alien Lawyer now wants to be Governor!
  228. Robert Gates Book
  229. Another letter to Boxer
  230. Holder at it again
  231. If you can.......You might
  232. Walmart HC Better Than Gov Exchanges
  233. Global Warming mission turns all Obama on them . . .
  234. 2014 and our grandfathered plan.
  235. Enroll in Medicaid and sign over everything to cover costs ?
  236. Knock out could be felony
  237. Jesse Jackson Jr Eligible to Receive $8,700 dollars per Month in Disability Pay
  238. McCain, Graham blast Obama for Al Qaeda-related takeover of Fallujah
  239. Give me a break
  240. Why Isn't the US Giving North Korea Aid?
  241. Is Sotomayor actually doing her job!??
  242. Illegals can now practice law in California! How far can they fall, you ask?
  243. Hey Cali ! How's the Nukes workin for ya ?
  244. Bill de Blasio First Democrat Mayor in New York in Two Decades
  245. Gun Registration in Connecticut
  246. Is immigration reform really the answer? You be the judge.
  247. Gay Stereotypes Promoted by Obamacare
  248. Affordable Health Care...My Ass!
  249. Watch for the big fall in unemployment #'s
  250. Anit-Racist = Anti-White