: Political Rhetoric

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  1. Shut down the NYT
  2. Pathetic for anyone. But, this is america's president.
  3. Russia laughs at US Gun violence.....It orchestrated
  4. YOU bought IT!!!!!
  5. Mueller...oops
  6. Evangelical conservatives want Putin to control the world
  7. National emergency -- really?
  8. Fiscal responsibility
  9. AOC-- The new voice of Democrat Party?
  10. Dems. Liberal / Progressive Abortion Stance
  11. Not long now
  12. Historic End Of The Democrat Party
  13. Poor Pelosi
  14. "Putin is the Greatest Christian!!!!"
  15. Jim Carrey
  16. Merry Christmas
  17. How do we destroy America?
  18. VETO the pussy budget bill
  19. How much better the Stock Market is doing under Trumpy
  20. Yellow Vest
  21. Trump has become a "Clear and Present danger"
  22. CNN- America's Enemy
  23. Uh OHH Ginsberg Hits the Deck
  24. Security Clearances Pulled
  25. Allegation of the actual meaning of jimsplace
  26. Kavanaugh Nomination
  27. Will the Truth Come Out?
  28. Leaking like mad
  29. September 11, 2001
  30. Trump and Russia? LOL Not even close.
  31. Resident Libs Please Explain
  32. Trump Presidential Library
  33. What a Trump voter with moral strength thinks....
  34. CNN says violence is OK
  35. Iran
  36. Truth about Dems.
  37. China, Planning to become "thee" World Power?
  38. What Happened?
  39. Hey! you guy's got a minute?
  40. Another Supreme Court Nominee
  41. It is HARD to be nonwhite.....
  42. The Summit.......
  43. EU. Crisis ? and Globalism
  44. Trumpy Isolates the US on Putin's orders
  45. Stormy
  46. Bullies, we need them...
  47. Hey Tree Huggers, take the Global Warming Challenge!!!!
  48. #maga
  49. Hahahaha!!!
  50. A Visitor from the Past
  51. Imploding before our eyes!!!
  52. Sinclair's script for stations
  53. The Truth
  54. Trump congratulates his boss!
  55. Democrats produce results again!
  56. You Liberal Democrats need to watch this:
  57. Liberal Lunacy in California
  58. And . . . the hits just keep on coming
  59. The Press Loves to Talk Down Melania Trump. Well here the hidden truth.
  60. What does Putin know?
  61. The Truth About the Black Panther Movie
  62. Idiots.. They are here in my state!
  63. Some school districts allow employees to carry guns. Not anymore.
  64. When Liberal Socialists Get Their Way
  65. The Islamic State of Sweden
  66. Pelosi Suggests 'Mowing Grass' in Some Border Areas Rather Than Building a Wall
  67. More Fake News: No, There Have Not Been 18 School Shootings In 2018
  68. So, the Trump Tax Cuts are a WIN-WIN for just about everyone - including AMERICA!!!
  69. Presidential portrait.
  70. Instagram is
  71. The end of freedom in the US
  72. AnOtHeR #MaGa ThReAd.
  73. #maga
  74. Hypicrite: definition by video
  75. Trump admin offers Immigration overhaul proposal
  76. Makes sence to some
  77. Russian Lawyer At President’s Inauguration Events
  78. Paridice... not so much
  79. S**thole dangers
  80. Liberal Paradise
  81. Hear the Latest on Snopes?
  82. Mexican Word of the Day!
  83. Tax Reform Deal
  84. When do the nukes start dropping?
  85. Why rational people fear trump
  86. Does this "guy" remind you of anyone?
  87. You've got to be kidding me......
  88. President Trump Earns the Highest Presidential Approval Level of All Time
  89. We have Term Limits, Why Not Age Limits?
  90. So much for cleaning the swamp
  91. Transcript Excluded Key Line From Trump.
  92. California or Philly??
  93. Dismissed
  94. Over a Billion saved by Trump. #MAGA
  95. Oldy but a goody
  96. Dow closes above 25,000!
  97. #maga
  98. Clinton fire
  99. Who trusts trump?
  100. Michele Bachmann Says She's Considering Running For Al Franken's Senate Seat
  101. Michelle Obama IS A MAN, Barack Obama IS GAY & Kids ARE ADOPTED!!
  102. The State of Affairs Concering OUR PRESIDENT!!!
  103. Gallup's Most Admired Man and Woman of the Year. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  104. Increase postal rates
  105. #MAGA, Defunding the UN!!!
  106. Man, Woman, Beast, or Child...
  107. Funny, the press blames President Trump for the unrest for recognizing Jerusalem
  108. Why do the liberals contnually try to undermine our safety???
  109. Lie, Cheat and Steal. The libeal Democrat way...
  110. Tax Plan - Who Benefits?
  111. The 12 Republican representatives who voted against giving tax breaks
  112. 9th Circuit of Appeals Liberal Judge resigns!!!!
  113. Trees are RACIST!!! Just so you know.
  114. Well, Looks like Trump don't have to drain the swamp
  115. Tavis!!!
  116. The good news they're not telling you
  117. Racist Hypocrites!!!
  118. To be Clear
  119. Fox fired Bill O'Reilly because...
  120. Democrat Matt Dababneh Accused of Masturbating in Front of Lobbyist
  121. Conservative Californians Speak!!!
  122. Where Tax Dollars Go in a Liberal Paradise
  123. HRC...."Grossly Negligent to Extreme Careless"
  124. Ex-Florida Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown sentenced for mail, wire and tax fraud
  125. A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore.
  126. ABC Suspends Brian Ross Four Weeks Without Pay
  127. Thousands of Alabama felons register to vote in last-minute push
  128. NFL bends over again
  129. Felon illegals can walk free after killing in San Francisco says Judge/Jury
  130. Who Really Is Huma Abedin?
  131. Mat Lauer bites the dust...
  132. Conyers... OOOPS!!!
  133. Are liberals outraged by this?
  134. Justices reject appeal over Mississippi Confederate emblem
  135. Thanksgiving
  136. CBS suspends Rose, PBS halts his show following allegations
  137. OAN news is Propaganda
  138. Hate Crime? Should they be charged?
  139. Woman’s Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker Grabs Everyone’s Attention. Including the Cops…
  140. Soros, Pelosi headline hush-hush 'Resistance' conference in California
  141. What happened to REAL conservatives?
  142. Gov Tax Dollars Making the Rich Richer
  143. Name my Band!!!
  144. Little Debbie....
  145. For the Lonely Trump Haters
  146. Hands on Biden
  147. Meet Judge Roy Moore's Accuser
  148. Washington, D.C. Moves To Honor Crack-Smoking Mayor With 8-Foot Statue
  149. 12-Year-Old Boy 'Transitions' To Female. Then This Happens Just Two Years Later.
  150. Pure Class!!!
  151. USA Today issues a clarification after depicting a rifle with a 'chainsaw bayonet'
  152. Drag queens are pushing a dangerous transgender message to our kids
  153. NAACP Cali Chapter wants to change the national anthem
  154. Arizona Antifa
  155. Heavy Metal Singer Becomes Virginia's First Openly Transgender Legislator
  156. Remeber this? Racist messages at USAFA Prep school and the MSM uproar?
  157. Antifa Nov 4 Riots
  158. Justice for the Inauguration Rioters
  159. 13 Percenters Representing the US
  160. One year after Trumps Election, Voters still see him as a Hero
  161. Mexico doesn't care about SoCal, neither does Gov Moonbeam either
  162. Rexone
  163. Jenny... Call me, not the moderators
  164. Fightball, National Fightball League
  165. God is Greater
  166. When will Lord Trump rescue Texas?
  167. Hmmm...
  168. Donna Brazile
  169. And "It's a moslem!!!"
  170. Another Islamic Terrorist attack? Say it ain't so....
  171. Not a smidgen
  172. Interesting video of then President Clinton
  173. Race-baiting black women, your race card is DENIED
  174. Pelosi Losing It?
  175. Raining cats and dogs here... and
  176. Fake Hate Crime Busted
  177. Well fargo immunity act
  178. For Halloween I am going to be an Offended Liberal Snowflake!!!
  179. Dossier
  180. Russia, Russia, Russia! Looks Like The Dems Have A Russia Problem Now!
  181. Rep. Maxine Waters says she wants to 'take out' Trump
  182. Just a Reminder for the Crybaby Liberals
  183. Democrats, the Party of Clowns That Look Like Saloon Hookers
  184. Passing of an old friend
  185. Liberal Paradise
  186. From the Human Debris Otherwise Known as the Tolerant Left.
  187. How About that Stock Market?
  188. The Difference is HUGE!!!!
  189. Yellow Cake Uranium and Clinton's ties to Russia
  190. Playboy now renamed Gayboy
  191. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder
  192. "Empty Barrel" is a Racist Term.
  193. The Liar-in-chief tells another whopper!
  194. Screw the poor as much as possible!
  195. Hypocrite Hillary on Weinstein
  196. Another NFL Thug arrested
  197. So fun watching the
  198. cut and paste
  199. #NotTheOnion SuperThread
  200. October 9 is a holiday
  201. I knew he was an asshole and spoke his mind...
  202. Racism is Common
  203. Footage of Vegas Attacker Stephen Paddock at an Anti-Trump Protest
  204. People are dying?
  205. Trump's unbelievable arrogance
  206. NFL -Fans
  207. Dan Gray, "Scariest moment in my career!!!!!"
  208. What is Antifa?
  209. Obama said He'd give up leisure if elected President
  210. Say it Ain't So Bobby
  211. Equifax got hacked guys..
  212. O. M. G.
  213. China making moves
  214. Note to liquid dans moderator friend.
  215. Kim Jong
  216. Shela Jackson Lee, Democrat Congress-idiot from Houston
  217. Houston flood
  218. Mt. Rushmore vs Trump
  219. MSM and their Mountains out of Mole hills!
  220. Nagin 2.0
  221. Yes it's cut and paste!
  222. An Example of Intelligence and Tolerance from the Leftist Liberals
  223. Unconfirmed rumor:
  224. Wow trump Rally!
  225. I like it !
  226. In the Navy
  227. Love this song!
  228. Over a statue guys..
  229. Lmao!!!
  230. North Korea...... and Trump isn't fukin around!
  231. By their fruits - ye shall know them . . .
  232. Liberals and Conservatives
  233. Under Trump Gains against ISIS dramatically accelerated......
  234. You said nothing......
  235. Making America Great Again!!!!
  236. Down to 15
  237. Methane-eating Bacteria Discovered under antartic ice sheet.
  238. In comes Seymour Hersh
  239. The North Korean Nuclear Problem
  240. Who is watching the stock market?
  241. Calexit....
  242. N. Korea Ballistic missile threat
  243. Snopes going down... not fake news!
  244. Russia and Fake News
  245. Cali Fire Fee...More Democratic Bullshit!
  246. Senate Judiciary To Meet In Private On Trump-Russia
  247. Single Payer Voted Down Unanimously
  248. Jane Sanders - Heartless
  249. Californication
  250. An Accurate Account of Current Events