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  1. ABC - yes, ABC put up a poll to see who people are voting for president. Oh my!

    Political Rhetoric
    Open the link and vote for your choice but try not to be too surprised at the results of this poll - especially since ABC put it up. I doubt they will leave it up very long. ABC LIVE POLL: Who Are You Voting For? – ABC News:
  2. ABC news

    Political Rhetoric
    Is RACIST!!!!!! ABC News Exclusive: Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting By MATT GUTMAN (@mattgutmanABC) and SENI TIENABESO (@senijr_abc) May 15, 2012 - Breaking News, Latest News & Top Video News - ABC News Excerpt: A medical...
  3. This Week on ABC

    Political Rhetoric
    I was just watching... Amazing really... They were all, even the libs, throwing Obama under the bus, expressing their opinions of what he was doing wrong (which is pretty much everything). We get a viable conservative candidate, we may have a chance. Anyone see Obumba's speech in Michigan...
  4. Abc turns programming over to obama; news to be anchored from inside white house

    Political Rhetoric :rolleyes: ABC liberal? Say it ain't so! :|err
  5. ABC News = TMI and OMG

    PB Open Water
    OK, I am laughing my ass fact tearing up because I can't stop my uncontrollable laughter. After ABC's coverage of the Neighborhood Ball the anchor for the 10:00 news just said: Drumroll please............... "The president's balls are in full swing!" I kid you not! I fell on the...
  6. Turn on the Tex-TT game on ABC...

    PB Open Water
    91 yard TD pass by TX to get them close again. This should be a great 4th quarter. That QB for TX has one hell of an arm. I don't know how far he threw it but it may have been about 60-65 yards. haven't seen a replay yet. Just saw the replay and it was only about 50 yards but he wasn't...
  7. ABC News Match-o-Matic... McCain v. Obama

    Political Rhetoric
    13 statements, which do you agree with? Who should get your vote? Match-O-Matic
  8. Palin on ABC with Charlie Gibson...

    Political Rhetoric
    Wow. I only caught a little bit of the previews this morning on GMA, something I may never watch again BTW... and I am seriously unimpressed with the line of direct questioning by Charlie Gibson. Several times in the interview he put her on the spot with a question you absolutely cannot...
  9. Randy Pausch on ABC

    PB Open Water
    Special on the "Last Lecture" professor who passed away this weekend on ABC. If you havent seen anything about this, worth your time imo.