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  1. [Question] Looking to add more HP

    Hay you guys I have a 77 sanger runnerbottom with a 496bbc which puts out 650 HP. I'am looking to add another 150 HP to it soon to get to 800hp any suggestion (no nitrous please) I almost forgot Iam on a budget :)devil
  2. It just don't add up to me ...

    Political Rhetoric
    Our Gubment Labor Dept says there is a steep increase in workforce employment , BUT un-employment percentages is up ??? Oilfields are laying off thousands by the day and my relatives have a large auto sales business , that also cut its force by about a 1/4 . Even the Military's are going thru...
  3. Want Add For New Attorney General

    Political Rhetoric
    This was written by Robert Knight at OneNewsNow.con Thew are the qualifications Obama is surely looking for. "Wanted: Nominee for U.S. attorney general. Must have thick skin in case Congress finds in contempt; adept at using redacted version of Constitution regarding separation of powers...
  4. How do I add a throttle stop to this peddle?

    How do I add a throttle stop to this pedal Looking for ideas to add a throttle stop to this pedal? Anyone have pics? Thanks in advance :))THumbsUp
  5. WTB looking to add a down peddle

    Parts for Sale
    If you have the gear to add a down peddle (foot peddle, linkage etc) let me know. Might also be interested in a new T handle also.... thanks, Ken
  6. posting an add for sale

    Community Help
    I cant figure out how to place an ad?
  7. want to add a second battery for radio

    PB Open Water
    so ive been searching and searching till blue in the face. i need to add a second battery to run my radio. whats the easiest cheapest way to go with this? im hearing isolators, relays...whys this have to be so dam difficult !
  8. Want to add Jetaway

    Jet Boats
    Technically a newbie, name's Bruce. I want to add a Jetaway to my 18' CP this off season and would like some input. I can either move the engine (BBF) forward a couple more inches, or move the pump back. Moving the engine will cut down on the already small passenger area (which is OK) and I'll...
  9. 900 HP CL add

    Jet Boats
    Looks like 1 hell of a river boat If the link does not work go to craigslist Phoenix and type in the add. Dec 7 - Daytona eliminator 900 hp - $21 (nw peoria) pic boats - by owner
  10. meteor jet boat 11ft.. $350 cl add.

    PB Open Water
    This would be a fun project anybody know value of these boats?? Meteor Jet Boat 11ft
  11. Tea Party Add for (R) KY: Mitch McConnell

    Political Rhetoric
    Love this ad
  12. CNN Calls Out Obama On His Plan - Doesn't Add Up

    Political Rhetoric
    CNN Called out Obama on his plan for the future. They say it doesn't ad up. What happened to CNN? They must not have gotten their Obama money!!! CNN: Not Only Is Obama's Plan Old, but It Doesn't Add Up - Obama Campaign - Fox Nation
  13. Another future v-driver to add to the list!

    It's a boy! My beautiful wife just gave birth to our second baby. The Mike frey name lives on!
  14. Nine reasons why Romneys tax plan doesn't add up

    Political Rhetoric
    No link
  15. Looking to add windshield to my Mini Cruiser

    Jet Boats
    I am looking to add the factory style mini cruiser windshield to my boat. I know that there are a couple companys out there that can make the actual windshields, but what about hardware? Or does anyone happen to have one they removed or are not fond of and want to remove?
  16. A.D.D. to??

    PB Open Water
    I guess I could have tried to google this.....but this place is usually hard to beat. I am just kind of clueless here...ask the family doc...hire a psychiatrist...psychologist? I understand...or have been told its a written test....any chance there is one on line? I dont understand how a...
  17. how to add cav plate to my vdrive

    Jim Wilkes
    i have a 63 hydroflite hydro. front is tunnel opening but it is flat across the back. it is a 19' and almost all vdrives ive seen have cav plates. id like to add to help keep nose down since im new to these boats. placement and install are my main concerns and then locating used parts is next...
  18. add on ride plate

    Greg Shoemaker
    I have a 76 18' rogers,450 hp,droop,p/d. running bout 78 mph @ 5400 rpm. I don't want to pull my intake:no:! boat is running great:)devil. is an add-on "shoe" & rideplate good money spent , or should I leave it alone. I know it's not a real shoe ,more of a mounting plate for the rideplate...
  19. Desert Storm 2012 - What else can we add :54:

    PB Open Water
    Desert Storm 2012 planning is well under way and it's looks like one hell of a week!! Registration is open on the LakeRacer online Store for those who need to sign up and get their Nautical Resort Rooms. LakeracerLLC Registrations is required before the Nautical will book your room. We...
  20. how true is this ebay add

    Jet Boats
    dont know if this the right spot for something like this,but 90+ jet boat with under 500 hpyou are bidding on, a 1978 hurst jet, the hurst company ordered a few of these boats with a light weight layup hull and a blue printed dominator jet, this is one of them..i have professionally completly...