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  1. [Question] pop up ads

    I know this is not a V-Drive question, but this section seems to get more traffic than others. Is there an ad blocker I can get to stop all the pop up ads that always come up when I am trying to open threads? I understand the site needs them to pay bills, but it gets real annoying trying to...
  2. Stupid crotch rocket ads

    PB Open Water
    You know......I come to performance boats for the motorcycles- not for.....oh, lets say the boats.....:)sphss I don't mind having ads, but I was trying to watch a video on Camp Far west, and I could not get the stupid mc ad to stop it's audio. If I was interested in tiny 1L engines, I'd buy...
  3. Why are the ads on this site in Spanish?

    PB Open Water
    The Frosted Flakes ad is in Spanish. ????
  4. Ads for Obama Care; official and unofficial

    Political Rhetoric
    Can you tell a difference between real and fake? Seems like the same message to me.
  5. Ads now in all hosted embedded pictures!!

    PB Open Water
    Are you kidding me!! now when i scan thru any picture thread i have to see a jeep AD at the bottom of every picture? Fukin ban me now i didn't realize selling out by PB was going to ruin the site!
  6. Ultra ads

    PB Open Water
    Its nice to see the Ultra ads back on the boards - I don't know if I just started noticing them & they have been up for a while??? JohnD if you had anything to do with them on the rotating header - nice work.:)devil
  7. Who has the best boat ads?

    PB Open Water
    I say these guys... ...but I may be
  8. Ads from the past

    Jet Boats
  9. Cool old Ads

    This thread is for old (v-drive boat related) adversiments. Including sales brochures.
  10. Webpage Ads... Do they work?

    PB Open Water
    I wanted to get a poll regarding internet and webpage insert advertising. How many of you have actually click on an ad and made a purchase for let’s say over 200.00? I use that amount as a starting point because in our boating hobby almost everything is about that price and often more. I know...