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  1. advise on 77 Howard V-Drive Day Cruiser

    I have been looking at a 77 Howard 21 ft Day Cruiser, that has a 454 engine turbo 400 trans eng has 30hrs on rebuild eng custom trailer and wheels It needs all the interior Upholstery and Carpet redone, and the the Casale C500 adjuster needs to be repaired or replaced The owner is asking...
  2. spectra 20 floors need advise jet peeps

    Jet Boats
    well today i cleaned out the old 77 spectra 20 jet and found floor seemed soft after further inspection the 1/4 stringers are good but the plywood connecting them is bad and the floor has rotted. my question is. the boat had only plywood as wide as stringers up to the bow. should i widen the...
  3. Shoe ride plate advise

    Jet Boats
    I have an ultra 21xt that I need to replace the transom on, so I'll have the engine/jet out this winter. While that's all out I was considering getting the intake milled for a shoe and ride plate. This year I had the pump rebuilt by MPD and currently spin the fresh aluminum A- 5200 rpm with...
  4. Jet build advise

    Jet Boats
    I picked up a 12jc for cheap and want to build it to replace the 12jg in my boat, but use the split bowl. It's going into a 21 ultra xt open bow. The current setup spins right at 5000rpm with logs and an A impeller, 63mph with just me and about 3 gallons of gas left. Currently has a place...
  5. [Question] Advise

    Michigan Hot Boats
    I looking to buy a handheld GPS any tips on which one to get?
  6. BDS and blower guru's please advise.

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Can anyone tell me if the manifold is suppose to be smaller then the gasket in the back rectangle hole. Seems to me it should match.
  7. Need Some Piston Advise

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a mid 70's LS7 454 with 12.5 to 1 compression. Pretty sure I smoked a piston. The pistons in the motor are 3963551 and the heads are 6272990. Not sure of the cam but it is a major thumper. I'm getting tired of going to the airport for avgas. So what advise would you have for a piston...
  8. [Question] 1978 Miller "Project" San Diego Please Advise

    Jet Boats
    So, here it is: I recently bought a 1978 Miller from a family member who is ill and can't operate it anymore. The bones of the boat are incredible, but everything needs to be put back in place. I was wondering where I should bring it in San Diego to get her running. Between my pops, friends...
  9. Ski boat cam and motor advise

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Ok, This is nothing Bob would build as it's way to boring and low hp deal, but hoping some of you can give me a thumbs up or another route for my 454 Chevy build. I am building a very basic ski boat motor for my 17'8" Mandella V-drive. Building it for pulling my kids, cruising and dependability...
  10. Flywheel and damper advise

    GN7 On the Dyno
    So my 468 after 3 boats and 20 years has thrown in the towel. Going with a Scat 1/4" stroke rotating assembly, block is good. My Fluidamper and flywheel are toast. Damper was 8" and not sure which one to go with, choices are 6, 7 and 8"...using an Ati Super. Flywheel is steel and externally...
  11. Advise needed. What type golf cart can you launch a boat with?

    Do I need to go with a rhino or is there any alternatives out there.
  12. Repair advise this time...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Had a great couple of hours last night on the water with Lake PAL and his mom, who's visiting from Pennsylvania. Beautiful evening, water all to ourselves. :D On way back to marina (in Whiskey Slough) the channel is a successive chain of right turn, straight, left turn, straight, right...
  13. Port side engine still weak, advise needed please, 2005 496 ho's

    My port side engine is strong until approx 2900 rpms, will only run faster with the starboard engine accelerating to bring it up. it is good & strong up to that point. Rinda scanner show no faults & the ecm shows 100% power available. Did the induced misfire test to all cylinders & all are...
  14. Need some advise

    PB Open Water
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a little advise. I have a 70' tower on one of my buildings, it was used for a trucking company 20 + years ago. I now own the property and had plans to take it's ugly. Last Tuesday a wireless Internet company Approached me and wants to lease the tower...
  15. Motor advise

    GN7 On the Dyno
    My new project is on the move and looking at motor options. I have a 460 bbf i can use already in a boat i have but not sure if i should use that and build it up later or buy a motor a guy i know has. Im not very hip on motor internals and stuff but he told me its freshly built and the text he...
  16. [Question] ultrasonic cleaner advise please..

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hey of you guys using a ultrasonic style parts cleaners in your shops.. Looking into one for more of a production engine machine shop to clean alum and iron heads maybe even blocks if the work well. so far we run jet cabinets and bead blast media for most carbon/combustion chambers but waste to...
  17. Advise Repairing Stress Cracks

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Help! I have a 1993 25' Power Play SD that has some gelcoat stress cracks that I'd like to get repaired...I have access to the inside bulkhead and don't see any damage to the fiberglass - just the outer gelcoat. Any 'Step-by-Step' advise would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! Here's some pics:
  18. How to properly store a boat mold? Need advise

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    If my mold does not sell I need to store it. I had it in a secured inside location on flat level flooring. I will now need to store this at my home . I have a fairly level car port on property to put it in. What if anything can I do to help preserve it and keep it in good shap for future use
  19. Crankcase venting advise

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I tried a few searches and either I suck at searches, which is totally plausible, or I didn't find the answer to my question. I have 505 BBC with a 671, 10qt Dooley pan running 8 qts in the pan, no vacuum pump or evac or VC breathers. My question, is 2 -8 lines coming off the valve covers to...
  20. [Question] ADVISE PLEASE: I'm a renter and my house is going into foreclosure

    PB Open Water
    Hello all, I am currently living in a home and found out that the house is going into foreclosure. My landlord never mentioned a word to me about it, i found out kinda the hard way. She hasn't made a payment since Oct. 2011. I found out in January so i put a stop payment on my check. She is...