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  1. It's Africa hot!

    Anyone gonna be brave enough to go to the river this weekend? I cancelled, too hot for me!
  2. $100 Million Africa Trip

    Political Rhetoric
    ZERO Is going to soak us for it.:))ThumbsDwn
  3. First Family trip to Africa

    Political Rhetoric
    I just saw on Newsmax that the First Family is going on a trip to Africa 6-26 to 7-3 with all the Secret Service and their Tanzanian Safari could cost up to 100 million........Sorry I am not computer savvy enough to post the link,for your reading pleasure:mad:
  4. Obama Administration to Spend $20 Million on Green Energy Plan – For Africa

    Political Rhetoric
    Both he and Hillary can't see the irony in this: “We plan to use an initial $20 million grant fund to leverage much larger investment flows from OPIC,” she said. “That will open the door then for hundreds of millions of dollars of OPIC financing, plus hundreds of millions of more dollars from...
  5. More millions more to be sent to Africa ratholes !

    Political Rhetoric
    Here we go again! The Pentagon is sending 45 million in military aid to Somalia's neighbors to attack Somaila insurgents. Mean while we send 14.5 million in food aid to Somalia to feed the insurgents!! We all know the thieving warlords just steal the Military gear and food and sell it on the...
  6. Taxpayers paying for BET trip to Africa with Michelle Obama

    Political Rhetoric
    Michelle Obama is taking her kids, some relatives families to Africa, along with BET to do the filming. They are going to film themselves on a safari on your dime. BET is now getting the Federal dough.........
  7. Travel advisory.... Africa

    PB Open Water
    Rumor has it... you don't want to fock with the monkeys!
  8. Shipping to South Africa

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone have a shipper that the use to ship out of the country with? I am shipping a package that is approx 13x13x36, weighs about 100 lbs. Fed Ex and UPS wanted about $1000 without insurance. Need some help on this, if anyone can direct me to a better more cost effective shipper. Thank...
  9. Interesting read, Geldof and Bush and Africa

    Political Rhetoric,8599,1717934-1,00.html Really shows how simple President Bush is and how he sure believes in what he is doing, no matter what it is.:)eh:)